Grip Strength Exercises for Fighters

By Corey Beasley

Grip strength is often overlooked and is a common weak link for many fighters. The following video showcases a few grip strength exercises for fighters. There are many other exercises to choose from, but these four have been very helpful for the fighters that I train. These exercises will tax your hands, fingers, wrist and forearms in a variety of ways. Check em out, let us know if you have any questions, and keep us posted on your progress!

Deadlift with Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz handles are a simple addition to any lift. By adding the Fat Gripz handles to the hex bar, it becomes much more difficult to hold onto the bar. This is a great way to tax the grip while also getting more practice with lighter loads on the deadlift. Great for new lifters or guys coming back from an injury or time off.

Renegade Row with Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz are a great addition to any pulling exercise. In this case, we are using them on the dumbbells for our renegade row. Again, the grips make it harder to hold the dumbbells, so we are able to tax the grip during the row. Find little ways to tax the grip, without adding more exercises to the workout.

Gripedo Bar Turns

Gripedo bar slides onto the barbell and offers some unique ways to tax the hands, wrist and forearms. This exercise simulates turning or wrenching, that is common among blue collar workers...and these guys have some of the strongest hands I've ever experienced. You can adjust the load, work for time or count repetitions...whichever works best for your specific goals.

Hub Grip Iso

Hub grip, from Ironmind, provides a unique challenge for the fingers and thumb. Many fighters struggle with finger and thumb injuries, so spending some time building these up can yield dividends down the road. You simply grip the hub with your fingers and thumb and then hold for time. Simple and effective.

Kettlebell Bottom Up Holds

Kettlebell bottoms up carries and holds are great for developing strength and stability in the wrist. This is a great exercise for boxers or strikers of any kind. By developing more stability and strength in the wrist, we may reduce the risk of injury from punches.

Corey and Bo Sandoval, Director of Strength and Conditioning at the UFCpi

Corey Beasley has been helping people get in shape and compete at their best for over 20 years. He has worked in small training studios, large corporate gyms, traveled to people's homes, opened a couple gyms, taught certification courses/workshops and is the founder of Fight Camp Conditioning.  Corey has experience working with wrestlers, jiu jitsu players, mma fighters and other combat athletes...from kids to aging adults.