Get Out of the Gym

By Corey Beasley

Fighters and grapplers spend a lot of time in the gym.  Drilling, hitting mits, bag work, rolling live, sparring, lifting, running, and more .  Some practitioners spend up to 4-6 hours training everyday.  This can take a toll on our bodies and minds, not to mention all of the other stress and stimulation we get from life, our phones, tv, etc.   In order to offset this stress, its important to find an outlet.  Many top competitors have turned their focus outdoors gym training for mma. These activities provide a much needed alternative from the daily grind .

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Water Sports

Whether its on the beach or in the water, there is something special about being at the lake/ocean/river.  The water, the air, the beach...this atmosphere provides an oasis that is relaxing.  We can swim, play catch, paddle board, surf, kayak, fish and more.

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Many top competitors are avid outdoorsman.  Joe Rogan, Chad Mendes, TJ Dillashaw, Gregor Gillespie and many others hunt and fish all over the world.  This usually involves long hours outdoors, unplugged from technology, with lots of hiking, tracking and focus.  A great alternative for anyone that loves the outdoors... not to mention, some good food for the family, if you're successful.

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Mountain Bike

Cycling is a great alternative to running and it allows us to cover greater distances in many remote areas.  Parks, trails and other recreational areas are offering more and more places to get outside and enjoy a variety of environments.  Hills, tracks, trails, downhill, technical or just for fun, listen to your body, find a variety of cool spots and go play outside.

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Winter Sports

Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most prominent winter sports.  Ride up the lift, cruise down, repeat.  Its hard to not enjoy a good day on the slopes. Do a local search and find a few places to get out in the snow.  It makes the cold and grey more bearable.

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Many athletes are finding interest in climbing as well.  Its technical and offers a new challenge for many.  The height, planning, executing and failure requires 100% focus, so its impossible to think about all the other stuff you need to do.  Many start in climbing Gym Training for MMA, which are great, but you can also get outside, find some big rocks, bolder and climb a variety of different surfaces.  Do a local search and see whats available in your area,  Its a great escape from the daily grind.

Gym Training for MMA

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It may seem simple, but walking or hiking outdoors yields huge benefits.  Walking is probably the most common human movement.  A 30-60min walk allows us to move, can speed recovery, clear our minds and just relax.  Looking for more?  Throw a pack on and disappear for a few days.  Whether its in your neighborhood, on a trail or at the beach, walking is a simple, yet powerful way to relax.

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Relaxing Outside

There is something healing about being outdoors.  No phone, no traffic, no distractions.  Sometimes its just good to get outside, find a quiet place and just chill.  Rickson Gracie was famous for trekking up into the mountains and meditating in a stream.  Others might go to the beach, on a lake, in the forest or wherever they have access to get away.  Find a place that you love and go there regularly.

It takes a lot of long hours and hard work to develop the strength and skill necessary to compete in combat sports.  While consistency, effort and focus are essential, its equally important to find a way to mentally and physically reset.  Unplugging and getting outside is one of the best ways to do this.  Sometimes just a few hours a week is enough to reset our brains, offset some stress and give our bodies a much needed break from intense Gym Training for MMA.

What's your favorite outdoor activity?