Gear Review: The Ankorr Training Harness

By Corey Beasley

We have used a variety of different harnesses at our gym.

Inexpensive ones, heavy duty ones and everything in between.   Typically we would drag sleds, chains or similar.  Some days would be fast , others long and slow...just depends on what we were doing and why.

Over the last few years, we started crawling with resistance.  We'd typically throw chains over our hips or upper back and crawl.  It worked pretty well, but wasn't the most comfortable thing.  One day I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled across a company called Ankorr.  These guys had developed a harness that allowed you to move and crawl in all directions seamlessly. After watching their videos for a few weeks, I had to test it out.

The Product:  Ankorr Training Harness

The product comes with the main harness, 2 resistance bands, two straps and two handles.

We have gone through a bunch of different harnesses at our gym.  Its an ongoing joke, that if a piece of equipment lasts at our gym, then we know its top notch.

The construction is top notch and they did not spare any expensive.  Some harnesses that we have purchased were inexpensive, but only lasted a month or so under heavy training.  This thing is well made and you can feel it, see it in the stitching, etc.

This thing is QUALITY.

How Does It Fit?

All of the previous harnesses we used were either riding on the shoulders or hips.  Typically they have shoulder straps, like a backpack, a belt around your hips or both.  These all have their advantages and have served us well, but the Ankorr fits like a glove.

It goes on kind of like a climbing harness combined with a vest.  Straps adjust on each thigh and three clips up the front.  Simple and easy to adjust.

We have had 10 year old kids, women and elite athletes put it to the test and it adjusted to each very well.

Training in the Ankorr

The Harness has two floating anchor over each shoulder and two around the waist.  The rings float and allow freedom of movement in all directions.

We did drills on our feet, crawled in every direction, dragged chains, did plyometrics and more.

Forward, backward, sideways...this thing felt awesome.

Because of the design, the resistance is spread throughout the body.  No more straps digging into your shoulders or riding on your tailbone.

Check out some of the clips as we test it out.

Can It Handle Heavy Loads?

We crawl with heavy chains at our place, so we had to test it out under heavy loads.

So, we added 100lb chains and went for a crawl...

The Ankorr harness was the best that we've found on the ground.

Crawling in all directions, with a variety of different resistance was comfortable and seamless.

Perfect for grapplers, wrestlers and fighters.

We also had some of our athletes test it out. As we approach a fight, we typically transition to more sport specific drills.

In the following video, UFC TUF standout, Carla Esparza put the Ankorr to the test.

Standing, moving, shooting, sprawling, scrambling...the Ankorr held up great and allowed freedom of movement without too much hassle at all.

Needless to say, this has instantly become one of our favorite pieces of equipment.

The durability, flexibility, comfort and freedom to move in all directions really makes this a powerful tool for any athlete, coach or team.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ankorr Training System, be sure to check out their website here:

Workshops Coming Soon to the US...

For all of our US fans, the Ankorr is just starting to make its way over to the states.

The boys from Australia will be making a West Coast tour at the end of January 2015, so stay tuned for workshop dates and locations.

Interested in attending or hosting a workshop? 

Leave a comment below and we will be in touch