Fitnex Footwork: 7 Drills to Activate Your Feet, Stabilize Your Ankles, and Improve Your Athleticism

By Corey Beasley

Last week, Aaron Gonzales, owner of Fitnex Training Lab, allowed us to shadow a session with Kevin "King" Casey. Kevin is a UFC veteran and is currently training for his upcoming Metamoris match, November 22nd. The following videos showcase some of the unique drills that Aaron uses to activate the feet, build stability, increase range of motion, teach body awareness, control and improve the timing with his athletes.

Why are we addressing the feet?

Check out this video from Gavin Macmillan, founder of Sports Science Labs:

7 Drills to Stabilize, Strengthen and Improve Athleticism

If you've ever had issues with your feet, ankles, knees or hips, these might be very beneficial.

1. Single Leg Balance with Catch

2. Pivot and Bounce

3. Foot Rolls, Toes Out

4. Foot Rolls, Toes In

5. Foot Rolls FWD/BCK

6. Ladder Drill - In and out

7. Ladder Drill - In and Out w/ Hands

Aaron Gonzales is the founder of Fitnex in Lawndale, CA. He works with some of the best fighters and grapplers in the world and his unique approach to fitness allows his athletes to stay healthy and become incredibly athletic. Aaron has worked with Fabricio Werdum, Kevin Casey and several other grapplers and fighters from BlackHouse, Kings MMA and many others around LA.

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