Diet for Fighters… Are Potatoes Good or Bad?

By Corey Beasley

Over the past 15 years, carbs have got a bad rap.

"No Carb" Diets became the solution to everyone's problems.

People were losing weight, dropping body fat and hundreds of people wrote books, did seminars and developed lines of products to solve the diet dilemma.

But how does this type of diet affect athletes?

Athletes need carbohydrates to perform, right?

No carbs = poor performance.

The key is eating the right types of foods...naturally occurring fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Root vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, beets, etc are some of the best sources of carbohydrates for athletes.


Eating a variety of natural foods provides a variety of nutrients that we need to perform, repair and function throughout the week.

root vegetables

Each plant, fruit, vegetable, nut, seed, etc has specific benefits that we can absorb when we eat them.

So much more than just carbohydrates...

root vegi

The biggest challenge for most of us, is knowing how to prepare and use each one of these ingredients.

Most of us eat the same types of foods every week...usually from restaurants, so we have no idea how to shop, prep and cook the foods we need to perform at our best.

Below is a list of common root vegetables and some ideas on preparing them.

root vegetable final

Eating good, natural foods is probably the fastest way to improve your health, lean out and improve your performance.  No only will you look better, but you will think more clearly, recover from tough workouts faster and perform at a higher level than you ever though possible.  So pick a few of the ideas presented above, go buy some new foods and add them to your meals this week.  Over time, you'll find ideas that work well for you and you'll be better off because of it.


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