Crawling Exercises to Help You Move More Efficiently, Increase Mobility and Develop Strength Throughout Your Body

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by Corey Beasley

Moving efficiently on the ground is essential for jiu jitsu, wrestling, mma and other ground based martial arts.

As children, we all crawled before we walked. This process helps develop total body strength, body awareness, control, coordination and even hard wires the brain with the body.

These crawling exercises can be used during warm ups, workouts or in between workouts to speed recovery, increase mobility or simply for fun! . Used consistently, people experience more mobility, less joint pain and increased strength throughout your body.

1. Learning the Basic Crawl

2. Basic Quadrupedal Patterns

3. Advanced Quadrupedal Patterns

BIG Thanks to Dewey Nielsen for sharing his videos with us!  Dewey owns Impact Performance Training in Oregon, is a black belt in jiu jitsu, avid outdoors man and is passionate about movement.