Conditioning for Wrestlers: Are Your Athletes Ready to Compete?

By Carmen Bott

300 Yard Shuttle Run Test


  1. Marker cones and lines are placed 25 yards apart to indicate the sprint distance.
  2. Start with a foot on one line.
  3. When instructed by the timer, the wrestler runs to the opposite 25-yard line, touches it with their foot, turns and run back to the start.  This is repeated six times without stopping (covering 300 yards total).
  4. After a rest of five minutes, the test is repeated.


Record the average of the two 300-yard shuttles. 

This is your run score. 

Here are the norms: 

  • 52 seconds - Outstanding
  • 54 seconds - Very Good
  • 57 second - Good
  • 62 seconds - Average
  • 65 seconds - below average
  • 68 seconds - poor

Conditioning for WrestlersNow subtract your second time from your first time.

This is called your drop-off index and also  indicates your level of conditioning.

Drop-Off Index Rating

Less than 3 seconds - outstanding, you are ready!
3 seconds - 5 seconds - very good, almost there!
6 seconds - 8 seconds - good / average
9 seconds - 11 seconds -  below average
> 10 seconds - poor / needs improvement

How Did You Measure Up?

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