Christmas Fitness Gift Bonanza: Our Picks for Health Enthusiasts!

 Are you on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift that combines health, happiness, and affordability? Look no further! We've curated a fantastic list of budget-friendly fitness gifts that will bring joy to every fitness enthusiast's heart. Whether you're shopping for your loved ones or treating yourself, this guide has got you covered.


Gifts Under $25:

Jump Rope -  A staple for any gym.

Finger Extension Bands - perfect for healthy hands and elbows

Agility Cones -  Inexpensive field markers and plyometric training devices.

Yoga Mat - Essential for yoga and floor exercises.

Our Favorite T-Shirts - Physical T-Shirts perfect in and out of the gym



Gifts Under $50:

Captains of Crush Grippers - iconic hand grippers

Indian Clubs - ancient tools for happy shoulders

Rumble Roller - foam roller on steroids

Slam Ball - Excellent tool for upper body power

Agility ladder - coordination, footwork - perfect for warm ups.

Heavy Resistance Bands - Heavy duty resistance band loops.

Gymnastics rings - The original suspension trainer. 

Parrallette bars - Push ups, handstands and more...

Hoodies & Sweats - the perfect gear for cold days!



Gifts Under $100:

Neck Flex Harness - The Original Neck Flex Harness

Landmine Anchors - A staple for our fighters.

Pull Up Bar - put one in the house and use it daily

Adjustable hurdles - jumps build more explosive power

Drag sled - a staple for general physical prep

Power wheel - its an ab wheel but better...

Climbing rope - an essential for any grappler.



Gifts Under $250:

The Easy Plungeour most basic ice bath tub setup, simple & effective.

Airfit Pro Suspension Trainer - best suspension trainer on the market.

Cyclone Barn Pulley - Simple but powerful tool for any gym

Kabuki Shoulderrock - adjustable mace - rock solid

Altra Trail Running Shoe - Zero rise, wide toe box running shoes

Rolling Thunder Handle - how strong is your grip?



Gifts Over $500:

Ultimate home gym - We can all dream, right?

Dual renegade bars - a creative twist on traditional lifts

Trap Bar HD - the best hex bar on the planet

Versapulley - Flywheel training at its best 

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The Transformer Bar - squat bar reimagined

Wall squat rack - The ultimate space saver

Versaclimber - The Conditioning Legend

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Ritual Warrior Ice Bathour largest, strongest and most formidable plunge tub.


This holiday season, make a fitness enthusiast's dreams come true without emptying your wallet. Choose the ideal Christmas fitness gift from our carefully selected list, and help your loved ones kick-start their health and wellness journey. Don't wait too long—grab these deals, and let the holiday fitness festivities begin!

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