10 Split Squat Variations, Using the Ultimate Sandbag

By Corey Beasley

Bulgarian split squats are a great split squats Exercise to build leg strength, uncover imbalances from the left to right, improve mobility and more.

In this video, Josh Henkin walks us through 10 variations of the Bulgarian Split Squat, using the Ultimate Sandbag.

1. Front Loaded Split Squat.

Clean the bag into the arms, holding the bag in the fron t racked or zercher position.

2. Front Loaded on Fists

Similar to the first variation, but the bag is resting on top of your fists. That smal change makes a pretty big difference during the split squats Exercise.

3. Offset Grip Front Load - Opposite

Bag is the front racked position, with one hand haolding the end flap and the other fist under the bag. This puts more load on one side of the body and forces us to compensate. If you have the left leg out front, you should have the right fist under the bag.

4. Offset Grip Front Load - Same Side

Similar to #4, except you use the same side fist and leg to do the work. For example, if you have the left leg forward, your left fist should be under the bag.

5. Opposite Shoulder

Clean the bag onto one shoulder, put the same side leg onto the step. For example, if the bag is on your left shoulder, your right leg should be out front.

6. Same Side Shoulder

Same as # 5, except the bag is on the same side as the working, front leg. Bag on left shoulder, left leg is out front.

7. Front Load with Rotation

Bag is front loaded, carrying it in your arms. You will rotate slightly over the front leg at the bottom of the movement.

8. Rotational Split Squat

As we lunge down, the bag is placed outside of the front leg.

9. Overhead - Neutral Grip

Clean and jerk the bag overhead, arms locked and in line with the ears.

10. Overhead - Snatch Grip

Similar to #9, but using the snatch grip, instead of neutral.

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