Body weight Single Leg Squat Progression

by Dewey Nielsen

Heavy barbell squats are an incredible exercise, but incorporating some unilateral work has some significant benefits as well.

Don't give up your heavy squats, but add some variety to your workouts. Challenge your body in new ways, explore ranges of motion and movement in other planes of motion. Combat sports put our bodies in some precarious positions and require mobility and strength from a variety of positions.

This video demonstrates the use of a bodyweight-only single leg squat progression focusing on building:

Mobility - greater strength & control with greater ROM.

Movement Complexity - demanding more and more from the nervous system.... Feed her. She's hungry.

This is also a good tool for those that don't have access to heavy weights such as many martial arts facilities or dojos.

KEY Points

  • Disturb and adapt but do it logically.
  • Squatting deep isn't bad, knees over toes isn't bad.
  • Progressing too quickly through ranges of motion you can not control is bad.
  • Progress slowly as some of these ranges of motion may be too extreme for you..... For now!

BIG Thanks to Dewey Nielsen for sharing his videos with us!  Dewey owns Impact Performance Training in Oregon, is a black belt in jiu jitsu, avid outdoors man and is passionate about movement.