BJJ Strength and Conditioning: B-Stance Squat

By Alex Sterner

When it comes to bjj strength and conditioning, using unilateral movements is essential.  In today's video, the guys from Electrum Performance show us one of their favorite squat variations for grapplers.  Its called the B-Stance Squat.  Basically a slight staggered stance, that forces you to use the front leg and transfers well into movements like a single leg takedown.

B-Stance Squat for BJJ

  • Hip Width Stance, with back toes lined up with the front heel.
  • Keep weight on the front leg
  • Slight pause at the bottom
  • Keep the weight under control
  • Hips stay square to the front
  • Make sure the front knee is tracking over the toes during the movement.

Alex Bryce and Alex Turner are co-founders of Electrum Performance in San Diego California.  They graduated from the University of Connecticut and have experience working with a variety of different teams and athletes.  Both compete in jiu jitsu and work with the comp team at ATOS, including world champion Andre Galvao.

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