BJJ Core Workout Series

By PJ Nestler

In today's video, Coach PJ shares 3 of his favorite core exercises for bjj Workout .  Each of these exercises will challenge your core in a different way, but its exactly how you're going to need the stabilize or transfer power during jiu jitsu.

BJJ CORE Workout Series

High Plank Sandbag Slide

  • High Plank Sandbag SlideStart in the top push up position
  • Driving pressure into the ground
  • Maintain a straight line from heels to the top of your head
  • Lift one arm and slide the bag across the body.
  • Alternate back and forth without losing body position.


Hanging Knee Raise

  • Hanging Knee RaiseUse a pull up bar
  • Start with your legs out in front, so there is tension on the abs.
  • Drive the knees up and hold the top position.
  • Bring toes down under control, without allowing the back to sway.
  • This also challenges the shoulders and grip strength


Partner Resisted Dead Bug

  • Partner Resisted Dead BugOne person, lying on their back, knees bent at 90 degrees, arms up.
  • Place a stability ball between the knees and hands
  • Maintain good body position, while the partner tries to move the ball.
  • Tries to move their body or the ball, while they react and resist.
  • Challenge the athlete, but make sure they are successful.


grid and explosive power

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