Is the Weekend Helping You Recover or Breaking you Down ?

It's The Weekend!

By Corey Beasley

For most people, weekends are a welcomed break from work and the daily grind.

It gives us a few hours to spend with family, having fun, getting outdoors and spending time with friends.

But, is this time helping you or hurting you?

Here's what I mean...

Some people start partying on Thursday and don't let off the brakes until Sunday evening.

They are eager to let loose, eat a bunch of crap, drink everything in site, make bad decisions and wonder why they can't get ahead.

These weekend benders can leave you mentally, physically and financially broken.

Listen, I'm no stranger to grilling and having a couple beers, but you have to learn how to pump the brakes and stay under control.

If you want to fight or compete at the highest levels, you need to develop better self control.

  • You may need to avoid certain crowds or events
  • Some may need to seek out counseling or professional help.
  • Others may not need such drastic measures and simply need to make better decisions.

Bottom line:  If your bad habits are breaking you down, you need to make a change.

giva jason bolo and iDo you have family, friends,  training partners or coaches that are a good example?

Talk with them about your goals and ask them for some advice.

How do they spend their weekends?

How can they help you get better?

Over time, you will start making better decisions, which will develop positive momentum in your life.

You will start to feel better, have more positive thoughts and will probably have more money in your pocket.

You might not be perfect, but you will avoid the big pitfalls.

Use this momentum and carry it into the following week of training.

  • prepare good meals
  • catch up on your sleep
  • spend time with loved ones
  • watch movies
  • get outdoors
  • do things that make you happy

You will have more energy, focus and confidence throughout the week.

Stay on track for a month and you will feel like a new person.

Several months in a row and people will wonder whats gotten into you.

Focus on your goals guys, make good choices and start building some positive momentum in your life.

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