Olympic Lifting for MMA, BJJ and other Combat Sports: Breaking Down the Barbell Clean

by Maryn Ciarelli

The Olympic lifts are very technical movements but can be broken down in just a few simple positions.

A good place to start is with the basic athletic stance. Feet are at shoulder width, toes slightly pointed out. Body weight is shifted back to be mostly in the heels. Knees are bent and ready for movement, chest is up and out, core is tight and glutes are shifted out and back. In any and all sports, including weightlifting, the first and strongest driving movement should be with the hip, whether it be to initiate bar momentum or sports play.

Follow along with the videos to learn more and practice correct technique and positions to better your lifts and correctly apply them to your chooses sport.

Progressions for the Barbell Clean

Breaking it down...Assistance Exercises for the Barbell Clean

1. Pull to Knees

2. Shruggin

3. Pull Clean Pull

Putting it all together...

Stay tuned for more videos and information on the Olympic lifts.

Maryn Ciarelli is a strength coach and currently works with Tom Watson, Pat Cummins, and a variety of other athletes in Southern California. She competed in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting for 15 years; 6 time Senior National competitor, 3 time Senior National Bronze medalist, Senior National Silver medalist, 6 time Junior National competitor, 4 time Junior National Silver medalist. 2006 National Collegiate Champion 2006 USA World University Team Member 2006 All-American 2005 USA World University Team Member 2005 World Team Champions 2004 Olympic Team Trials Qualifier 2003 USA World University Team Member 2002 USA Under 23 Team Member 2001 USA Under 23 Team Member 2001 USA Junior Pan Am Gold Medalist 2000 USA Junior Pan Am Team Member 2000 USA Junior World Team Member 1996 USA Louis Cyr Silver Medalist 1995 USA Louis Cyr Team Memeber.