5 Videos to Help You Improve Mobility in Your Shoulders, Hips and Spine.

By Corey Beasley


“It’s more important to control the ranges [of motion] that you have than to extend ranges. To extend ranges must ensure that you are in control of those ranges. If you just have passive flexibility it’s not going to help you move and its not going to prevent injury.” Dr. Andreo Spina

Functional Range: the extent of usable motion across an articulation under the control of the nervous system.

Mobility = the extent of controllable flexibility across articulations

Functional Range Conditioning FRC®: A system of training which simultaneously expands & strengthens range of motion across articulations, while teaching the nervous system how to incorporate said ranges into functional movement patterning.

Shoulder Mobility

Stretching your Shoulder

Hip Mobility

Hip Mobility Sequence

The Bridge

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