Aerobic Capacity Workout for the MMA Fighters at Landow Performance

By Loren Landow
Owner of Landow Performance in Denver, CO

This is a workout that we shadowed over at Landow Performance in Denver.  Head coach, Loren Landow was putting the mma crew through a low intensity, aerobic capacity workout, designed to help the guys heal up, recover from a tough week and prepare them for their main sparring session that evening.

Workout Details:

Dynamic Warmup

Series #1

1a. Lateral Lunge and Press
1b. Sorinex Banded Rotation

Series #2

2a. SL Banded Hip Abduction
2b. DB Rows

Series #3

3a.  SL Controlled Step Up
3b.  Reactive Plate Drop and Catch

Series #4

4a.  Windshield Wipers for the Hips
4b. Inch Worm Crawls with Extension
4c. Push Up with Rotational Reach

Foam Roll and Stretch for cool down.


Loren Landow is the owner of Landow Performance, founder of, Educator for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and recent author of Ultimate Conditioning for Martial Arts.  Coach Landow has been an athletic performance specialist for more than 20 years. He has trained over 500 professionals from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, National Football League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and National Hockey League, as well as Olympic gold medalists and a world-record holder. He has been fortunate to work with some of the best martial artists in the world, including UFC fighters TJ Dillashaw, Jospeh Benevidez Brendan Schaub, Neil Magny, Shane Carwin, Cat Zingano, and Nate Marquardt.

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