5 Advanced Getup Exercises to Build Massive Strength

by Corey Beasley 

Getups are one of the best exercises to build total body stability and strength. This exercise challenges our bodies in multiple planes of motion and mimics a lot of the movements we experience on the mat and in the cage. When used correctly, these drills will build some massive strength throughout the body.

If you are new to getups, then please start by using only your body weight. I have also seen people use a shoe on top of their fist, then slowly progressing by using light dumbbells or sandbags. The barbell and kettlebell version below are very advanced and should be used after extensive time has been spent on lighter, less complex versions.

Here are 5 Advanced Getup Variations

Barbell Getup

Barbell Getup, squat version

2 Hand Barbell Getup

Bottoms Up Getup

Barbell Elbow Getup

Ian Matthews is the operations coordinator for Bellator Fighting Championships, owns Blackline MMA in Carlsbad and continues to work with people to help them get as strong as possible.