7 Physioball Exercises to Improve Athleticism

By Corey Beasley

Preparing for competition isn't all about lifting weights. 

Things like mobility, coordination, balance and timing play a huge roll in athletics.

We were fortunate to sit in on one of Kevin Casey's workouts with Aaron Gonzales at PLAY Sports Performance.

Coach Aaron uses a lot of physioball drills to improve his athletes proprioception, mobility, coordination, body awareness, control and to activate muscles throughout the body.

Check out a few of the drills that Aaron had Kevin Casey performing during their session.

7 Physioball Exercises to Improve Mobility, Activate Your CORE and Strengthen Your Posterior Chain

1. Full Body Extension - Great drill to warm and prep the body for more intense work.

2. Supine Arm Swings - CORE activation, shoulder mobilization, improved timing and coordination.

3. Scorpion - Great drill for the core and hips.

4. Hip Extension and Leg Curl (Knees Straight)

5. Hip Extension and Leg Curl (Knees Out)

6. Single Leg Curl, Hip Extension and Reach - Working the posterior chain from the big toe trough the hips and Physioball Exercises.

7. Single Leg Hip Extension with rotational reach with opposite leg - posterior chain (hips, hamstrings) plus core (obliques)

Aaron Gonzales is the owner of PLAY Sports Performance.  He works with a variety of combat athletes from Kings MMA, Blackhouse and some of the best grapplers in the world.