5 Exercises to Add to Your Arsenal

By Corey Beasley

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There are literally thousands of exercises...variations, twists and turns.  Some are incredibly valuable, but others can simply distract us from using the basics. Below are a few drills that offer some twists on common exercises.

5 Exercises to Add to Your Arsenal

Rolling Patterns 

Typically used in jiu jitsu warm ups, these drills can be a great way to loosen up the neck, shoulders, spine and hips to prepare for practice.

Chain Resisted Lateral Crawl

Crawling is a fundamental movement pattern that helps groove function between the shoulders and hips.  Don't let the simplicity fool you though, these are incredibly challenging.  Keep the knees low, hips still and head up.

Physioball Hip Extension w/ Opposite Reach

We learned this drill with Adrian from PLAY Performance.  It involves hip extension, leg curl and reaching with the opposite leg. Very tough drill to strengthen the posterior chain and improve athleticism.

Plank Rope Pulls

These rope pull variations are one of our favorites.  Starting in the plank position and then pulling a heavy rope challenges the entire body.  Great for grapplers, wrestlers and mma fighters alike!


By @coachpjnes24 3 weeks out from the 2016 Pan Am Championships, finishing off the week with some partner conditioning. _____________________________________________ Mixing in some wrestling and specific movement during our active rest periods. Team is looking strong and ready to DOMINATE the competition. _____________________________________________ Thanks to my buddy @coreybeasley for some of these killer rope variations! _____________________________________________ Checkout the full video on Facebook at facebook.com/coachpjnestler [email protected]@fightcampconditioning @UFC #bjj#CoachPJ #CoachPJNestler #bjjtraining#UFC #fightertraining #sportstraining#jiujitsu #jiujitsutraining #mma#mmatraining #combatsports #IBJJF#graciebarra #AOJ #grappling#wrestling #fightcampconditioning#Speed #strength #Power#Performance #GSAForGTFO #athletes#athletictraining #explosive #fast#wrestling

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Sandbag Lunge Progressions

Josh does an incredible job developing progressions for movements.  In this video, he showcases a variety of lunge progressions using the Ultimate Sandbag.

Suitcase Carries

Farmer carries (weights in both hands) has become a very popular drill.  Carrying the load in one hand forces our torso to work overtime to avoid leaning and tilting to the side.  This is tough on the hands and the torso.  Great drill to build integrity throughout the hips, torso and shoulders.

Adding a few new drills to your workouts can challenge and strengthen your body in new ways. Slight tweaks in body position, resistance, direction of movement, tempo and duration can make a huge difference. Give some of these drills a try and let us know how it goes.

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