30 Pull Up Variations from Beginner to Advanced

By Greg Mihovich

If you boil all movement down to basics, pulling and climbing would be right up there at the top of the list. Pulling challenges the hands, forearms, arms, back and shoulder complex.Pull ups are, arguably, the best Pull Up exercise for fighters and grapplers.

30 pull up variations for you and your team to try in your next workouts.

**Master the basics, build a solid foundation and then progress slowly over time. Some of these variations are VERY advanced and could be dangerous, if you haven't developed the proper strength.

  1. Chin Up Top Hold
  2. Chin Up Negatives
  3. Timed Pull Up Hang
  4. Chin Ups
  5. Pull Up Top Hold
  6. Static Commando Pull Up
  7. In & Out Grip Pull Up
  8. Pull Up on Gymnastics Rings
  9. Pull Ups on Thick Bar
  10. Pull Ups on Thick, Rotating Bar
  11. Pull Ups on Thick, Rotating Trapeze Bar.
  12. Commando Pull Ups
  13. Softball Pull Ups
  14. Clinch Grip Pull Ups
  15. Fingertip Pull Ups
  16. Two Finger Pull Ups
  17. One Finger Pull Ups
  18. Weighted Pull Ups
  19. L-Pull Ups
  20. Rope Pull Ups
  21. V-Pull Ups
  22. Rotational Pull Ups
  23. Reaching Pull Ups
  24. Pull Over
  25. Kipping Pull Ups
  26. Grip Switch Pull Ups
  27. Clapping Pull Ups
  28. Uneven Grip Pull Ups
  29. Timed One Arm Hang
  30. Kipping One Arm Chin Ups

Greg owns and runs the Underground Gym in Red Bank, NJ where he teaches an assortment of sport martial art, hand to hand combat and fitness regimens. Along with his extensive strength and conditioning regimen, Greg has been an active martial arts practitioner for over 20 years and has been teaching professionally for over 10 years.