30+ Grip Exercises for Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling and Fighting

By Corey Beasley

 We've all wrestled with that guy who has ridiculous grip strength... it sucks.

They control just about every position and are damn near impossible to deal with.

Grip strength is one of those assets that instantly makes a difference on the mat or in the cage.

Whether you are grabbing a gi or throwing a punch, having strong, powerful hands can help you in just about every situation.  Below you will find a variety of videos from coaches around the country.  Lots of exercises, workouts, challenges, tips and tricks to help you develop a stronger grip.

30+ Grip Exercises for Grapplers and Fighters

Grip Strength Drills Using a Bucket of Sand

The bucket of sand (or rice) has been used by grip enthusiasts and combat athletes for centuries. It is a great way to strengthen the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.

Never ending Chain Pull

This is a simple, but brutally effective drill developed by John Brookfield. Taylor uses a 30ft, 100lb chain, anchored around a large pole. You can do this standing (as shown), kneeling, half kneeling, seated or in various plank positions.

Farmer Walk Holds

Farmer walks should be a staple for any grappler, wrestler or fighter. Farmer walks are a simple, effective way to develop crushing grip strength, as well as, strengthening the hips, back and core in the process.

Grip Building Basics

Jason C Brown is the man when it comes to training for BJJ. Fat grip deadlifts, rope climbs, fat grip pull ups and more. These are simple, but great variations for any grappler to implement into their workouts.

Beast Snatches w/ Wool Gloves

Max Shank is one strong cat! Adding wool gloves to just about any kettlebell drill makes your grip scream for mercy. We hosted a few kettlebell instructors from Russia that were big fans of this type of training. Highly recommended!

Plate Pinch Holds

Pick up two metal weight plates, smooth side out and pinch grip them for time. This is brutal on the thumbs and a great addition to any grip training program.

Hanging Rope Course

Martin Rooney has traveled the globe and met some really cool coaches and athletes. This video shows a simple rope course that they developed in their gym. American Ninja Warrior meets jiu jitsu practitioner.

Bulgarian Bag Hammer Spin

The late Stephen Nave was a wealth of information and this drill is one of his evil creations. The hammer spin is a dynamic drill that challenges your grip unlike anything youve ever tried. If you have bags, give it a go, if not, go buy some and get to work.

Never ending Rope Pull

This is another incredible drill, developed by John Brookfield, for wrestlers and grapplers. The 2" rope is thick, its easy to scale up or down and the natural friction of the rope creates an inconsistent tough pull that can be performed in a variety of ways.