3 Mobility Drills to Help You Move Better, Avoid Injury and Reduce Common Aches and Pains

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by Max Shank

If you train, odds are that you wake up stiff and sore from time to time.

Long hours and tough workouts take their toll on our bodies. While its important to work hard, its also important to recover with the same focus.

Used correctly, these simple drills can help you move more efficiently, avoid injury and reduce common aches and pains.

  1. The first series helps address the feet, ankles, hips, hamstrings, groin, hip flexors, upper back and shoulders.
  2. The second exercise might look simple, but many guys struggle with this one initially. Lack of mobility in the upper back and shoulders will limit your range of motion, but keep workin, it will improve over time. This is also a great drill to open up the front of the legs and hips, while activating the glutes.
  3. The third drill focuses on the ankles. As you can see, one foot is pointed, while the other stays flat. This squat variation will challenge the dorsiflexion (toes up) and plantar flexion (toes down) of the ankle. Bottom line, its a great drill for most grapplers and fighters.

So, there you have it. 3 simple drills that should help you open up your body and get you moving more efficiently. Add them to your current warm up, try em on your off time or however you see fit. I hope that they help you perform at a higher level and reduce a few aches and pains.

Max Shank is owns Ambition Athletics, in Encinitas, CA. He trains in jiu jitsu, muay thai, Highland Games and teaches trainers and coaches around the globe.

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Max Shank owns Ambition Athletics, just north of San Diego, competes in the Highland Games, trains jiu jitsu, gymnastics and is a master instructor for RKC.