3 Front Squat Variations for Fighters and Grapplers

By Corey Beasley


"The Legs Feed the Wolf"

Everybody knows that strong, powerful legs are a huge benefit for fighters and grapplers.  You'll hit harder, blast takedowns, have a better base and improved defense when your foundation is strong.

Chad Wesley Smith, owner of Juggernaut Training Systems, is one of the strongest power lifters in the world. He has squatted 953lbs in competition and is definitely an expert resource when it comes to squats, deadlifts and bench press.

In this video, Chad walks us through 3 front squat variations that you can use during your workouts.

Coaching Cues for the Front Squat

  • Keep the elbows up
  • Stare straight ahead
  • Sit down between the legs
  • Force the bar into the throat
  • Push the knees and floor apart
  • Drive the chest up while ascending

Benefits of the Squat:

  • Front  loaded squats are a great starting points to teach and learn squat progressions and more complex movements to newer athletes.
  • Build a super strong mid-line, improve core stabilization, and increase more overall abdominal development.
  • Better choice for athletes with physical limitations, flexibility issues, and injuries.
  • Less stress on the knees and less spinal load, compression, and flexion.
  • Studies have shown a strong correlation between squat strength and sprint speed.