13 Partner Drills for Wrestlers and Grapplers

 by Corey Beasley

Nick Knowles put together a great video packed full of 13 partner drills that they use with their wrestlers.

These drills build a variety of strength and skills needed to compete on the mat.

'Hands on', sport specific strength that can be used by wrestlers, jiujitsu players, and other grapplers.

Appropriate interval periods can be anywhere from 30-60 seconds. A good place to start for unconditioned athlete would be a 1:4 work to rest ratio. However, I have seen some high caliber wrestlers perform these exercises for 30 minutes straight without a hint of rest.

Nick was a California State Greco and Freestyle wrestling champion and Division 1 wrestler.  Now a strength coach in Virginia Beach, his clients range from professional fighters, world champion grapplers, military, endurance athletes, collegiate/high school/youth athletes, and a handful of those from the general population who are looking to improve their fitness and transform their physique. He is currently a strength coach and personal trainer for The Human Performance Initiative (HPI).