10 Minute Mobility Series… Great for Warm Up, Between Workouts and More

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by Corey Beasley

We talk a lot about mobility here...

Why?  Because it helps you move more efficiently...on the ground, in transition and on your feet.

In the following video, Jim Romig, walks us through a simple, 10 minute mobility series that he uses to mobilize tight hips, shoulders and more.

Perfect for warm ups, between workouts and more.

10 drills, 1 minute each = 10 minutes

Also check out Jim's 20min recovery flow.

Jim Romig is the resident combative conditioning expert at Wolf Fitness Systems. As a mixed martial art athlete and grappling coach, Jim has a great understanding of the practical applications of the moves he teaches. As a result, he has developed the Med Ball Athletic Conditioning (MBAC) system, great for training fighters or anyone that would like to train like one!