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Strength and Conditioning for Combat Athletes... 3 Ways We Can Help.

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We've gathered articles and videos from some of the world's top strength & conditioning coaches, nutritionists and other health experts, so you can get the info you need to reach your goals.

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Whether you are a weekend warrior or a full time athlete, we have a workout plan that is right for you.  Developed by some of the top coaches in the game, you are going to love these workouts.

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The Results People Are Getting:

"Corey is great. He has been my conditioning coach for many years – I rely on his expertise and guidance to elevate my strength, power and conditioning for BJJ / grappling. His approach and methodology has proven successful for me time and time again."

Brett Collins 

46 Year Old, BJJ Black Belt

“Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to my favorite strength and conditioning coach, Brett Bartholomew. He’s got a plethora of knowledge, knows how to prepare the body and is a genius when it comes to fight prep. If anyone is looking for a strength and conditioning coach, I would highly recommend Brett and his program.”

Juliana Pena

UFC Bantamweight Fighter, former UFC champion

“I’ve never felt better and my physical preparation is on point! My cardio and explosiveness is the best its ever been. Phil pays attention to details, which is vital at this level.”

Dustin Porier

UFC Champion

"As a World Class athlete I have trained all over the world and basically thought I had seen it all for better or worse throughout my career but these workouts throws something new at me every time I train,..they make training fun again."

Shannon Slack

Former Olympic wrestler and Bellator fighter

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