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Food for Fighters

A Step by Step Diet for Fighters and Grapplers to Use To Stay Healthy, Improve Body Composition and Recover From Tough Workouts

Many fighters and grapplers allow themselves to get overweight and out of shape when they don’t have a fight or competition scheduled.  This forces their team to focus on making weight instead of improving their skills.  Nutrition specialist, Dan Garner has created an easy to follow nutrition  & Training Plans that allows fighters to fine tune their habits.  You’ll learn exactly what to eat if you want to gain muscle, drop body fat, improve your performance and make weight with ease!

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Submission Strength

Complete 12 Week Training Plan for Jiu Jitsu Competitors

Whether You’re an Enthusiast or a Full Time Competitor, This Program Gives You All the Tools You Need to Train Like a Professional Athlete.

There is an abundance of misguided information out there, and there are millions of BJJ practitioners around the world looking for sound advice that actually works.

Submission Strength showcases the strategies and workouts that I’ve used to help athletes of all ability levels get in shape, increase strength and improve their performance.

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Fight Strong 365

1 Full Year of Strength Training to Develop a Elite Levels of Strength 

30 day programs just don’t cut it.

Building true, performance-changing strength takes time, focus and WORK.

Unleashing Your True Potential Starts Outside of Camp, So We Developed a 365 Day Strength Focused Plan, So You Can Develop the Strength Needed to Compete at the Highest Levels

Creating that foundation of strength is essential not only for any athlete, but any person that wants to look better and be more confident. If you’re tired of being thrown around in practices and competitions, or looking and the mirror and wishing you could be just a bit stronger, then you aren’t alone. Strength training coach Phil Daru is here to help!

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The Wrestler’s Edge

Off Season, Pre Season and In Season Training Plans for Wrestlers of All Ages

Elite Wrestlers Are Always Stronger

So High School and College Athletes Who ONLY Train During the Season Are at a Significant Disadvantage Versus Those Who Train All Year and Follow a Rigorous Off Mat Plan.

It is a known fact that stronger, more conditioned wrestlers are more successful at the elite high school and college level.  But getting in shape and peaking for a season is more than just grinding everyday.  It is important to be specific and targeted, otherwise you are wasting valuable time.  In order to combat this confusion, we decided to develop a comprehensive strength and conditioning program for wrestlers..

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The Complete Camp 

A 5 Phase Plan That I’ve Used to Prepare Fighters and Grapplers for Competition

Here’s Exactly How I Get Fighters Physically Prepared for the Highest Levels of Competition

Whether you’re a high school wrestler, jiu jitsu enthusiast, or a professional fighter, I want to help you improve your physical preparation.

You can apply the same methods and strategies that I’ve used to prepare athletes for the highest levels of competition.

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Savage & Simple

Strength & Conditioning When You Are Preparing for a Fight

A Simple, Step by Step, In-Camp Training Plan That Should Be Used Leading Up To Your Next Fight!

Whether you’re an amateur or UFC Veteran, the Savage & Simple workout plan will help you get stronger, more powerful and develop the cardio necessary to scrap for the entire fight.

MMA is like the wild west right now… so many opinions and ideas on how fighters should train, but the reality is that fighters are struggling to stay healthy and are not getting the elite training that they deserve.  It can be confusing and frustrating to say the least.

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The Cut

A Step by Step Guide to Making Weight

Cutting Weight Is a Fact of Life for Fighters & Grapplers, and the Athlete Who Does It Correctly Can Have a Distinct Advantage Over the Competition.

So We Developed A Easy to Follow Guide to Making Weight…Using Information Gathered From a Variety of Studies, Top Experts and Years Worth of Experience,  So You Can Effectively Navigate Your Next Weight Cut.

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