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A Roadmap for Developing Strong, Relentless, Physically Dominant Wrestlers

The Wrestlers Handbook Is a Practical Guide that Explains Effective Strength and Conditioning Practices for Wrestlers

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The Wrestlers Handbook is essential information that wrestlers should live by.  This handbook includes everything that wrestling coaches are not experts in - lifting, sleeping, nutrition, cutting weight, mental skills.

Coach Bott knows that it’s better to work smarter, not harder.  Wrestlers are at wrestling practice for 2 hours a day, but this handbook helps athletes optimize the other 22 hours in their day to transform into elite athletes and learn healthy habits.

Nutrition 101

Athletes hear so much nonsense nutrition and cutting weight advice from parents, coaches, and teammates. The athlete handbook nutritionist is beyond qualified to advise wrestlers because she works with the Golden State Warriors and USA boxers.  Ashley cuts through any nonsense or fad diets and offers practical advice and recommendations.

The cutting weight and rehydration sections are crucial information for all wrestlers - utilizing this information is transformational for feeling good and getting light for competition.

Hormone optimization

Hormone optimization sounds confusing, but it’s so easy to understand and use in practice.  Wrestlers often work too hard and don’t sleep enough, and aren’t aware of the consequences.  Wrestlers can diet and exercise as hard as they want to, but won’t lose weight if their hormones aren’t optimized.  Ali’s sleep recommendations will help athletes become strong and optimize their body composition.

Mental Performance

We all know that wrestling is like chess, it’s mostly mental.  Coach Bott’s handbook helps athletes gain confidence and self-efficacy, which will directly translate to more success on the mat.

 Crossing the Barrier of Fear

Fear of failure is unavoidable in wrestling - we’re all alone out there on the mat with an equally matched opponent, with no one to lean on but ourselves.  Anne Muscat’s section helps athlete’s first become aware of their feelings and behaviors, and gain control over these with practical strategies.  This section will help athlete’s overcome fear and apprehension to become fearless competitors on the mat.


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