Tune Up Exercises and Guidelines for Happy Feet and Ankles

Our feet are our foundation...

Want to put more force into the ground?  If so, then you need to make sure your feet and ankles are working properly.

Below are a variety of mobility and stability drills to improve the health of your ankles and feet.

These drills can be primary exercises, used during warm ups or as active recovery between other working sets.

Intensity should be relatively low, reps about 15-30 reps for 2-3 sets if you are using this as part of the Tune Up recovery program.

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Sample Mobility Series

SMR Drills




Over Under

Ant Tib

More Mobility Drills

Kneeling, Toes Pointed

Kneeling, Toes Under

Big Toe Rocking

Big Toe Circles

Big Toe Drag

Big Toe Drag 2

Stability Work

Kneeling, Balance on Balls of the Feet

4 Way Iso Holds

SL Stand w side to side swing

SL Stand w front to back swing

Pipe Drills