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If you are struggling with nagging aches and pains, constantly injured and feel like you are losing ground, its time to assess your training plan.

Minor aches and pains come with the territory…

Combat sports are tough and we’ve all had a few bumps and bruises, but there are a lot of simple ways to keep these from sidelining us.   The key is to assess your situation, fine tune your training schedule and to get your body recovering efficiently between workouts.

See most fighters or grapplers are constantly injured… which leads them to inconsistent training… which kills their physical and mental momentum.

If you are experiencing this, keep reading because you’re about to discover exactly what to do to turbo-charge your recovery, rapidly restore function and to get back on the mat or in the cage ASAP.

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

What most people try when their body is breaking down is:

  • Don’t be Weak, Keep Training
  • A Little Bit of Stretching
  • Random Ice/Heat
  • Expensive Massages
  • Popping Pain Pills consistently
  • or some other alternative therapy

But for most people, none of that works.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work with dozens of top athletes and a handful of world champions.  Most of them had surgery at some point.  Whether it was from overuse, a practice accident or happened during competition, they all had to back off, reassess and figure out a way to get back in the action.  Injury forces an athlete to mentally shift gears and find solutions to their challenge.  X-rays, scans, doctor visits, surgery, recovery, physical therapy, building confidence, getting back in shape and more.

I’ve had a laundry list of aches and pains:  fingers, knuckles, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, ankle, knee, neck and more… the worst being a complete ACL reconstruction on my right knee.  As frustrating as they all were, it forced me to re-think what I was doing in the gym.  I learned from doctors, therapists and other coaches, always trying to find a better solution to keep me moving.  Looking back, I believe that each one of these challenges, allowed me to gather experience that I use today with my athletes.

Here’s What People are Saying About This Book:

In all my years of training around the world, nothing compares to the workouts with Corey Beasley. The workouts make me strong, help my cardio, but also help me stay healthy and pain free. I love this place.

2X Brazilian BJJ Champion – Ricardo Abreu

Corey helped me get back in shape and solidify my shoulder and knee after surgery and long bouts of physical therapy. His plan gave me the confidence I needed to stay consistent and build my body back up for my next fight.

UFC Fighter, King of the Cage Champion, Reuben Duran

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