Elite Wrestlers Are Always Stronger


So High School and College Athletes Who ONLY Train During the Season Are at a Significant Disadvantage Versus Those Who Train All Year and Follow a Rigorous Off Mat Plan.




It is a fact that stronger, well conditioned wrestlers are more successful at the elite high school and college level. But getting in shape and peaking for a season is more than just grinding everyday. It is important to be specific and targeted, otherwise you are wasting valuable time. In order to combat this confusion, we decided to develop a comprehensive strength and conditioning program for wrestlers..

It’s called The Physical Wrestler.

My name is Mallory Velte, and I’ve been utilizing the Coach Bott “wrestlers edge” training methods for 5 years.In that time, I’ve become a 3X College Nationals Champion, a 3X seniorUSA national team member, and won a senior World Bronze Medal at the 2018 championships.

Prior to working with Coach Bott, I endured multiple injuries including a torn ACL. Since working with Coach Bott, I’ve been injury free.

As an aging athlete, I feel healthier and more fit now at 24 years old than I did at 19. My fitness and strength is superior to my opponents, even on the international stage.

I wish I had access to the wrestlers edge as a high school aged athlete. This programming offers a serious (almost unfair) advantage. “

Mallory Velte

My wife and I had great success using Coach Bott’s program. We are both MMA athletes here in New Zealand and the program helped my wife return to the cage with Invicta FC after a 2yr lay off from having our son, and myself to peak performance assisting in my selection to represent New Zealand as this years IMMAF Oceania Championships in April 2019.

Paul & Faith McMah
New Zealand

Inside You Will Learn How to:
  • Measure yourself against other athletes in the wrestling world
  • Generate more muscular tension so you can lift more effectively
  • Condition properly to peak for competition
  • Organize your practice and off mat strength & conditioning schedule
  • Develop your athleticism by including power in all aspects of your program
  • Optimize your wrestling performance on and off the mats with strategies used by World Medallists and Olympians
The Physical Wrestler Strength & Conditioning Program Includes:

Athlete Handbook

  • Revised 75-page resource
  • Strength & Conditioning Tips
  • Warm-up Methods
  • Recovery Strategies
  • Mental Skills
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Sleep Optimization

Performance Testing 

  • Revised 65-page Testing Manual
  • NEW wrestling-specific field tests
  • NEW tests of dynamic balance and reactive strength indices
  • NEW in-depth sport analysis
  • Normative data for all weight classes and tests worldwide
  • Sample data collection sheets
  • Comprehensive Athlete Intake Form
  • Pre-testing instructions and informed consent forms

Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Program

  • 16 Week Strength & Conditioning Program
  • NEW – 3 Levels (Novice, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Built in Test to Determine Starting Point
  • NEW – Kettlebell Strength Endurance Program
  • Build Maximum Strength

Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning Program

  • NEW 8 Week Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Peaking Tactics
  • Plyometric Training Program for Explosive Power
  • Alactic Power ‘Hill Repeat’ Conditioning Protocol
  • NEW Kettlebell Power Endurance Program

In-Season Strength & Conditioning Program

  • A 20 week in-season Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Holiday off-mat conditioning programs
  • Extra workouts for injured wrestlers
  • Recommendations for Recovery
The Most Effective Strategies and Methods to Ensure that You and Your Team are Strong, Powerful and Ready to Compete!
Here's a short list of athletes that I've worked with over the years...

The Wrestler’s Edge is an opportunity to receive coaching from one of the top minds in the industry. Assessment, readiness, technique, strength training, mobility, flexibility, recovery, timing/scheduling, conditioning, Carmen Bott leaves no stone unturned and I’m thoroughly satisfied with the results I have seen with my world class BJJ athletes.

Will Nassif S&C Coach

I am from Lynnwood, Washington. I am an NCAA Division II All–American. I consider wrestling my job, and everything else (side jobs, manual labor) is just a means to support my athlete lifestyle. I started wrestling in 8th grade, and ever since then I have committed myself to wrestling year–round and being the best.

I have faced knee and neck injuries, which have definitely presented obstacles in my training and competition. If you wrestle long enough, you are bound to face these typeof injuries. It’s how you deal with them, that makes the difference.

I started being advised by Coach Bott during the Summer of 2016. Coach Bott has provided me with a numerous resources for strength and conditioning, which I have utilized to become stronger than ever before. Coach Bott takes a student–like, science–oriented approach to coaching and research, meaning that she scours over literature and studies in order to provide the most effective and logical forms of training for her athletes.

I used to train almost like a body builder for wrestling, and while my wrestling skills kept increasing, my strength levels did not increase as much as I wanted them to.After being advised by Carmen Bott, I was able to focus on weight training that is more appropriate for combat sports.My strength has definitely increased after taking her coaching into account.

Morgan Smith

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