Here's Exactly How I Get Athletes Physically Prepared for the Highest Levels of Competition


Whether you’re a high school wrestler, jiu jitsu enthusiast, a professional fighter, or anyone in between, I want to help you improve




Ready to Take Your Physical Prep to the Next Level?

I’ll Show You Exactly How I’ve Helped Combat Athletes from Around the Globe Physically Prepare for the Highest Levels of Competition

Look, I get it.  There are a lot of online programs and its hard to determine which are worth the investment.  I’ve spent a decade actually working with top athletes from around the globe and proven that these methods work.  All you need to do is work!

Inside The Physical Athlete, You'll Get Access to:
You can apply the same methods and strategies that I've used to prepare athletes for the highest levels of competition.

My name is Corey Beasley, and I’ve been a trainer for over 20 years. I’ve worked with combat athletes across the spectrum of the sport, and across a wide variety of ages. I’ve trained champions and I’ve trained newcomers. Whatever your goal may be, I know what it takes to get to reach that goal and surpass it in ways you didn’t know you could.

Some people make a Frankenstein’s Monster workout plan by patching together powerlifting, weightlifting and other sports without planning and thinking about the goals their athlete needs. Others have no plan, and simply mimic the fighters at the top which is a disaster waiting to happen. But I have a plan that works for every determined fighter of any level or any age.

The key to truly getting stronger and more powerful (and well-conditioned) is laying a good foundation, and following a plan designed to cater to YOUR ability level and goals.

In the social media era, so many trainers and coaches just ‘copy n paste’ workouts from what they saw online from some top competitor.

My Physical Athlete Workout Program is designed with you in mind, and is tailored to fit the various demands of combat sports! The key to long term success is using the program that is right for YOU.

To design these workouts for you, I’ve developed a variety of scalable training plans that can help anyone from a beginner to the most elite athletes on the planet become stronger, well conditioned and explosive.

The goal of my program is to keep it simple—to simplify the hard to understand jargon, to simplify the scheduling process, to simplify to workouts so there is never any filler, confusing machinery, or wasted time— wasted time is wasted potential.

With me, you know you’re doing real world workouts that have been proven time and time again to work with wrestling, boxing, jiu jitsu, mma and just about every other combat sport. I want to share my experience and knowledge with you just as I’ve shared it with some of the best athletes in the world!

Bottom line: I created this program so you don’t have to stress about deciphering the science and the jargon—all you have to do is walk through a few tests and questions so I can bring you the program that is perfectly crafted just for you. Simple.

The training program you’ve always dreamed of is just one click away.

Whether you’re a seasoned vet, or a young stud with a lot to prove, this personalized workout program will help you become stronger and improve your conditioning. You just got to take the next step…

What is the next step?

Knowing what to do in the gym can be difficult for anyone. It’s a delicate balance that is so tricky to perfect. Do too much and go too hard, and you’re burnt out and risking having injuries, or experiencing nagging aches and pains that can derail your next fight. Do too little… and you’re not prepared. Combat sports like these require a truly delicate balance, a coordinated attack, if you want to stay healthy and reach your true potential.

Why Should I Listen to This Guy?

The bottom line is… results. I want to give you the workout plan you’ve always wanted—the one that delivers results, makes you stronger, a better athlete, doesn’t leave you with nagging injuries, and most importantly, has you 100% confident in your athletic abilities when you step foot on the mat or in the cage.

Here's a short list of athletes that I've worked with over the years...

I have been training with Corey Beasley, Founder of Fight Camp Conditioning, for over 7 years and the concepts in these programs have helped become physically and mentally stronger. I highly recommend this program!
Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall, UFC Fighter


In all my years of training around the world, nothing compares to the workouts in this program. The workouts make me strong, help my cardio, but also help me stay healthy and pain free.
Ricardo Abreu, UFC Fighter, 2X BJJ Champion


Corey is great. He has been my conditioning coach for many years – I rely on his expertise and guidance to elevate my strength, power and conditioning for BJJ / grappling. His approach and methodology has proven successful for me time and time again.
Brett Collins – 46 Year Old, BJJ Black Belt


As a World Class athlete I have trained all over the world and basically thought I had seen it all for better or worse throughout my career but these workouts throwssomething new at me every time I train,..they make training fun again.
Shannon Slack – Former Olympic wrestler and Bellator fighter


As a World Class athlete I have trained all over the world and basically thought I had seen it all for better or worse throughout my career but these workouts throwssomething new at me every time I train,..they make training fun again.
Shannon Slack – Former Olympic wrestler and Bellator fighter


As a professional UFC fighter having the best strength and conditioning training is imperative. 2011 is a big year for me and thats why I sought out Innovative Results. Strength, power and endurance all is one place. Amazing! Whether you are training for a specific sport or just trying to get in the best shape possible you need Innovative Results. I can’t recommend this place enough. Contact them today and see if you are lucky enough for them to fit you in.
James “Lightning” Wilks – Winner of Season 9 of the Ultimate Fighter


The workouts are effective and always challenging. After winning the Invicta Title, Corey helped me put on 9 lbs to compete in the UFC. I have noticed a definite improvement in my endurance and strength in my fighting and over all fitness from training with Fight Camp Conditioning.
Jessica Penne – Invicta World Champion & UFC Fighter


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