Transform Your Jiu Jitsu Performance with Our 12-Week Power Plan


Unleash Your Potential, Overcome Your Weaknesses, and Stand Tall on the Mat - Whether You're a Passionate Hobbyist or a Dedicated Competitor, Our Comprehensive Training Plan is Your Secret Weapon to Achieving Athletic Greatness.

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There is an abundance of misguided information out there, and there are millions of BJJ practitioners around the world looking for sound advice that actually works.

I am contacted regularly from BJJ practitioners around the world asking for programs.  Most people do not have access to a legitimate strength & conditioning programs…or can’t afford to hire a strength coach.

The Physical Grappler showcases the strategies and workouts that I’ve used to help athletes of all ability levels get in shape, increase strength and improve their performance.

Inside You'll Get Access to:

  • 12 Week ‘Done for You’ Training Program to Prep for Competition or Just to Take Your Athleticism to the Next Level.
  • Printable Workouts That You Can Take to the Gym and Track Your Progress.
  • Video Tutorials on Program Design, Planning Your Week and More!
  • Exercise Library Packed Full of Videos, so You Know What to Do and How to Do It Properly.
  • Mobility, Recovery and Regeneration Module, So You Are Energetic, Pain Free and Ready for Action.

We’ll Show You Exactly What You Need to Do to Get in Shape, Increase Strength, Improve Conditioning and Become More Athletic on the Mat!

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