Have you been away from the gym for a while? It happens to the best of us...


Life happens, and even the best athletes sometimes take a break from the gym. But don't let that hold you back! With REBUILD, you can reclaim your fitness and reach new heights of greatness. It's time to get back in the game and achieve your goals once again.



Time off can leave you out of shape, frustrated, stressed, overanxious and chomping at the bit to get back to your regular routine. This can leave you feeling like you are falling behind, losing your edge or missing out on opportunities. The scariest part is that if you don’t prepare or plan accordingly, you could end up injured and sidelined for another few months…and that would suck!

After a layoff, your immediate thought is to make up for lost time. You’re going to be chomping at the bit to get back to normal. However, you are not going to be physically prepared to go 100% right away!

So, what happens when we stop training?

If you have been out of the gym for a few weeks, it’s natural for you to lose your edge. Physical qualities such as, speed, power, conditioning and strength deteriorate. If you try to jump back in where you left off, it can be a recipe for disaster.

Common Mistakes Include:
  • No monitoring of current physical capabilities
  • No coordinated plan of attack between coaches
  • Everyone is too eager to train at 100% intensity again
  • Neglecting “weak links”, such as feet, hips, trunk, shoulders, etc
  • Poor communication between coaches on workloads
  • In order to successfully get back in the gym, you’ll need a simple, proven plan of attack

General Physical Preparedness, or ‘GPP’, is general by design, with an emphasis around improving your foundational components of strength, speed, power and endurance. Aka…this is a good way to get back in the gym, without hurting yourself.

GPP is “time to build solid a physiological foundation in order to better enable the athlete to tolerate training loads seen later in the season” – Tudor Bompa

While most combat athletes do not have a season, it’s still important to understand the basic principles of athletic development, while avoiding pitfalls.

The key to performing at a high level is to have an elite plan and strategy. If you decide to forego a plan and just jump back into training, you’re going to struggle.

That’s where I want to help!

My name is Jacob James, director of Crusader Strength. I am a strength coach that has helped many high level fighters that compete in the UFC, Bellator, and One Fighting Championship. With a practical approach and a heap of skin-in-the-game (7+ years coaching), you can expect simple, effective training solutions.

Over the years, I’ve had many athletes who were sidelined for various reasons. In order to help them return to play, I had to develop training programs that would help them get back up to speed safely and efficiently.

That’s why I developed REBUILD

I know what it takes to bring athletes back from a lay-off.

This program details training days and blocks that lay a foundation for your basic athletic needs. By utilizing this method, the program ensures that you can start training again in the safest and quickest way possible.

By utilizing this program, you’re going to get a massive leg up on your competition. Those who simply rush into their training and do not have a plan are going to fall behind. This program will not only improve your foundation, but will also help you gain an advantage over your competition that simply starts training without a plan.

Benefits of this training plan include:

A simple step by step plan to get you moving
Get back in shape safely and efficiently
Lay a solid foundation so you can tolerate higher training intensities
Anyone can benefit – novice to pro
Reduced risk of unnecessary injury
Serves as a preparatory block for more intense training
Can be repeated periodically without drop off of training effects
Easy to Understand
Can be done individually or with groups/ teams

It’s easy to say the program will benefit you but it’s harder to show it. Just check out what athletes are saying about this program.

I was injured coming into my fight camp but Jake from Crusader Strength was able to structure the program to suit my needs, rehab the injury whilst still getting faster and stronger.

– Yannick Bahati – Bellator Light Heavyweight

I can confidently say that the addition of intelligent strength and conditioning methods from Crusader Strength has been a crucial benefit to my entire career.

– Aiden Lee – Bellator Featherweight

Training with Jake was a no-brainer for me – after my first fight camp, the progress was undeniable and I look forward to more world titles together.

– Nathias Frederick – Cage Warriors Middleweight World Champion

I saw a friend of mine working with Crusader Strength so it was really a no brainer. I believe in Jakes knowledge and his way of dealing with clients means that he can accommodate all types.

– Matty Byfield – Probellum Light Heavyweigh

Even if you were incredibly active during the layoff, you probably weren’t training with the same equipment, partners and guidance that you are accustomed to. It’s important to ease back into your high intensity training…we’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

Here’s what a few coaches have to say…

“The 4 week GPP Program lays the foundation for enhanced performance and more intense training means ahead. A pyramid is only as tall as its base. This program will build the cardiovascular system, improve tissue quality and groove fundamental movement patterns so that an athletes base is strong and robust. I highly recommend this program to athletes wishing to excel in their sport”.

– Graeme Morris | Physical Preparation Coach

“Jake and the team at Crusader Strength are truly a reflection of the industry’s best,  and the 4-week GPP program speaks to just that. This program is very well put together, providing tremendous attention to detail and instruction to set the athlete up for success. The GPP training block is vital for complete athlete optimisation, but in disrupted times like what we’ve all been experiencing, it’s imperative that this is a forethought in training.”

– Danny Foley | Head S&C Coach at Virginia High Performance

“The GPP based workouts laid out here are great, as they are easy to progress. Especially after a prolonged period between training blocks. All in all, a logical and easy to follow GPP program with fundamental compound movements for athletes and weekend warriors”

– James Ralph | Strength & Power Coach

If you don't have an organized plan, you are simply putting yourself at risk.


So, if you’re ready to get back in shape, then click the button below to access REBUILD.