Speed, Agility and Plyometrics Exercises for MMA, BJJ and Other Combat Sports

Speed Kills!

Once we are strong, its important to develop power and speed for athletics.

Plyometrics, jumping, bounding, sprinting, agility drills, med ball throws and other exercises can help us develop more speed and power for our athletes.

*Caution: progressing properly and developing a foundation of strength is vital when using these drills.  Proceed with caution.*

Below are some explosive drills to use in your workouts

Throwing Drills - Variety of medicine ball drills to teach athletes how to transfer power from the ground up, deliver force, absorb force and repeat explosive efforts.

Jumping Drills - Jumping, landing, leaping, hopping... a variety of drills to develop multidirectional speed and power.

Agility/Locomotion - We can run, shuffle, skip and more...these drills will help you develop better body awareness, speed and control as you move.

More Drills to Help You Move More Efficiently

Single Leg Balance with Catch

Pivot and Bounce

Foot Rolls, Toes Out

Foot Rolls, Toes In

Foot Rolls FWD/BCK

Ladder Drill - In and out

Ladder Drill - In and Out w/ Hands

Deceleration Drills

Hip Extension Hurdle Hop

Pivot Medicine Ball Throw

Medicine Ball Reactive Throws

Medicine Ball Step and Throw

Medicine Ball Thorw from 2pt Stance

Reactive Plyometric Box Jumps

2 Foot Hops

Overspeed Band Jumps

SL Zig Zag Hop

10 Plyometric Drills

20+ Med Ball Exercises

Sprint Training and Plyometrics for MMA

Single Arm Med Ball Throws

Sitting Box Jump

TFW Plyometric Push Ups

TFW Explsove Box Step Up

Explosive MMA Training with Anthony Pettis

Lateral Hop to Box Jump

Lateral Shuffle