Foot and Ankle Mobility and Stability

foot rollThe following drills and exercises can help keep the toes, feet, ankles and lower leg functioning well and performing at its best.  If you have lost mobility in your toes or ankle, struggle with minor arch pain or consistently roll your ankles, these drills may help alleviate some discomfort and stabilize your feet to avoid future issues.

These drills can be used for warm up, recovery and/or for active rest during your sessions.  I would recommend trying all of these drills and making note on which ones are challenging.  If the drills are challenging, then those are the ones you need to work on and improve.

CAUTION: If you have any acute pain during or after any of these drills, stop immediately.  These should make you feel better, not create more problems.




3 Way Ankle Mob Drills

Big Toe Drags

Ground Ankle Mobility



*perform for 20-60 seconds

Kneeling Balance on Toes

SL Balance w/ Leg Swings

SL Balance, Heal Elevated

4 Way Angled Balance - *You can hold sticks for balance, if needed.

PVC Foot Rolls - *You can hold sticks for balance, if needed.