A Step by Step Eating Plan To Help You Stay Healthy, Improve Body Composition and Recover From Tough Workouts


If you are truly committed to improving, then upgrading your eating habits is essential.


Many fighters and grapplers allow themselves to get overweight and out of shape when they don’t have a fight or competition scheduled. This forces their team to focus on making weight instead of improving their skills. Nutrition specialist, Dan Garner has created an easy to follow nutrition plan that allows fighters to fine tune their habits. You’ll learn exactly what to eat if you want to gain muscle, drop body fat, improve your performance and make weight with ease!


Inside You'll Get Access to:

Module #1: Fast Track Module

  • 3 golden rules to getting started
  • Goal setting
  • The importance of nutrition

Module #2: Fundamentals of Combat Nutrition

  • A combat sports guide to dining out
  • Hierarchy of combat sports nutrition
  • The 5 principals of combat sports nutrition
  • Preferred food list

Module #3: Fast Track Module

  • Designing meal plans for combat sports
  • Troubleshooting / FAQ
  • Turning up your testosterone
  • Supplement guide and combat sports specific protocols
  • Printable meal plans, specific to your goals

If you’ve been struggling to make weight, recovering from tough workouts or simply don’t look the way you want, this program will help you plan, implement and execute the habits you need to hit your goals.

No Hype Here…just a solid eating plan that you can live with…

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