Food, Diet and Supplements for Fighters and Grapplers

Drinking enough clean water, eating good, quality foods and taking supplements to fill in the gaps is an essential part of staying lean, building muscle and performing at your best. 

Below, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite products and info to help you find and use stuff that we know works.

*No gimmicks here…just good solid information and products to help you perform at your best.

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Supplements for Fighters and Grapplers:

Essentials Package:

  1. Garden of Life Men’s Health – Vitamin Code – RAW One for Men
  2. Nordic Naturals Cardiovascular Support – Arctic Cod Liver Oil
  3. NuMedica Vitamins – D3-5000 – 90 Softgels
  4. Pure Encapsulations Cardiovascular Support – Magnesium

Build Muscle:

Improve Digestion:


 Snacks & Bars:

Garden of Life Nutritional Bars – Sport Organic Plant-Based

PureFormulas Snacks – Five to Try: Organic Bars

PROBAR Nutritional Bars – BOLT Organic Energy Chews, Berry Blast

Squarebar Snacks – Cocoa Almond (Organic Protein Bar) – Box of 12 Bars

Other Good Stuff:

Trace Minerals Research Minerals – Utah Sea Minerals – 16 fl. oz 

Ultimate Superfoods Baking and Cooking – Ojio – Premium Himalayan Pink

Barlean’s Organic Oils Baking and Cooking – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


6 Pack Bags/Coolers – If you want to be lean and strong, you have to keep food with you. 6 Pack Bags help you travel effortlessly with more than 3 meals, sports nutrition products and supplements.

Grassland Meats – Founded by lifelong farmer John Wood, U.S. Wellness Meats grew out of John’s realization that there was a unique way of raising cattle for a growing niche of U.S. consumers who were beginning to understand the health benefits of CLA and omega-3s from free-range meat. Lab tests showed that the meat was high in all kinds of nutrients: omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, CLA, and other nutrients that just don’t show up in grain-fed, feedlot cattle.