Armor Up with Elite Strength Training: Fight Strong 365 Unleashes the Power Every Fighter Needs to Dominate!


Discover the ultimate MMA strength training program, tailored to combat athletes and designed to transform your performance in the cage.

Build Your Strength Foundation

🥊 Facing the Fighter's Dilemma?

Every combat athlete encounters plateaus, injuries, and the challenge of maintaining peak performance. You're not alone in seeking that edge.


🥊 Meet Your Expert Guide: Phil Daru

Not just a renowned strength training coach; he's a game-changer in the MMA world. Transforming fighters into champions, Phil's expertise is unparalleled.


🥊 The Ultimate Solution:

Fight Strong 365 is your answer to the fighter's challenges:

  • Break Plateaus: Dynamic routines.
  • Minimize Injuries: Scientific techniques.
  • Consistent Performance: Always be fight-ready. 


🥊 Why Fight Strong 365 Stands Out:

  • Personalized: Tailored training.
  • Scientific Backing: Proven techniques.
  • Community: Join the elite.

🥊 Real Fighters, Real Results:

“I’ve never felt better and my physical preparation is on point! My cardio and explosiveness is the best its ever been. Phil pays attention to details, which is vital at this level.”

UFC Champion, Dustin Porier

“Phil is very dedicated, smart and a good friend… He has completely changed the way that I prepare for my fights and I feel great!”

Former UFC Champion, Joanna Jedrzejczyk

“I’ve been working with Phil over the past year and by far he is my favorite strength coach that I’ve worked with to date. He is high energy, motivating, and skilled. I enjoy the challenge he presents with every workout. He knows how to encourage and push his athletes. I highly recommend Phil whatever your fitness goals are.”

Pro MMA fighter Tecia Torres

“I am a professional fighter who has been competing in mixed martial arts since 2007. When I met Phil I was dealing with several types of injuries and imbalances in my body. Phil was able to completely work around my injuries, while helping me to balance my body and strengthen muscles that I have never used. Being 6’4 can also make it difficult to add muscles to skinny legs without harming the low back. After working out with Phil for several months, my low back has never felt better and my legs are much stronger. Phil’s methods are very effective, my new abs thank you Phil!”

Pro MMA fighter Steve Montgomery​

“Coach Daru has gotten me the results I’ve been looking for as well as helped me reach the next level of performance as a professional athlete. He motivates me to be better in and outside the gym and I know I will continue to succeed under his watch. Not many people have the quality to make it easy to work hard, Phil Daru does.”

Pro MMA fighter Ryan Quinn

🥊 Your Championship Journey Begins Now:

Unlock your potential with the right training program. 


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