The Combat Athlete's Guide to Elite Endurance: The Conditioning Blueprint


Transform your endurance, conquer fatigue, and dominate the competition. Say goodbye to gassing out and hello to unstoppable performance. 


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‘Gassing Out’ is one of the most feared aspects of any fight.

Your body stops responding…legs slow down, arms get heavy and there is really nothing you can do.

We’ve all been through it…

The good news is that you can rapidly improve your conditioning, if you have the right plan.

The days of simply grinding all day without a plan are gone.  Elite athletes realize that they need a plan of attack to compete at the highest levels.

So, we’ve developed a simple 36 week conditioning plan, guaranteed to improve your gas tank.

Inside You’ll Get Access to:

  • 36 weeks of proven conditioning workouts
  • A rock solid foundation…this is the key to having a massive ‘Gas Tank’
  • Improve your ability to grind, so you can brawl with the best of ’em
  • Learn to repeat explosive efforts and overwhelm the competition

If you are struggling during practice or competition and need some help, we’ve got you covered.

These methods have been proven on the mat and in the octagon.

All you need to do is follow instructions and work.


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