Build Unstoppable Combat Performance with a Solid Core That Strikes Hard, Dominates, and Controls!

Unleash the Power of Your Core to Achieve Combat Supremacy in Just 12 Weeks!



  • 12 Week CORE Training Program Designed to Improve Trunk Stability, Strength and Power for Fighters and Grapplers
  • This Program Will Help You Unlock Power That You Never Knew That You Had!
  • You’ll Learn How to Avoid Costly Mistakes That People Make When Training Their CORE

When most people talk about ‘CORE’ training, they usually think about doing countless situps, crunches and leg raises.

But, the truth is, athletes need more than situps.

In fact, doing countless situps can make your posture worse and make you more vulnerable for injury.

Our CORE is designed to stabilize the hips and spine.

When our hips and spine are stable, our body is able to transfer energy more efficiently.

What does this mean for a fighter?

More energy transfer equals more powerful strikes, stronger takedowns and dominanting control on the ground.

3 main categories of CORE Training.

  1. Flexion/Extension (anti flex/extend)
  2. Rotation (anti-rotation)
  3. Lateral Flexion (anti-lateral flexion)

We’ve developed an easy to follow system that you can use to develop a stable, stronger, more powerful midsection, that is guaranteed to transfer onto the mat and into the cage.

Used by jiu jitsu world champions, top mma fighters from the UFC and Bellator, and Olympic wrestlers…this program is battle tested and has helped dozens of fighters improve their strength and unlock more speed and power!