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johnfitexpo3_lgDeveloped by John Brookfield, the Battling Ropes System is a complete strength and conditioning program like no other.

John is a multiple world record holder and the author of the popular book, Mastery of Hand Strength. John spent over a year developing this system strictly for himself. He was using this advanced training system to skyrocket his strength and stamina to new heights, despite the fact that John is nearly 53 years old. John has continued to improve setting new records that require strength, endurance and mental toughness.

After using the Battling Ropes for his own personal goals, John decided to show the basics of a few of his friends. They thought that this system was simply the best due to the incredible results that the system produces.

The key word here is RESULTS.

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The Battling Ropes training system was developed about 10 years ago while I was searching for a way to develop strength, speed and power over time. I knew there was a way to sustain these attributes however, there is no real method or principles out there for doing so. With this being said I asked God if he would reveal to me how to do this. Within a short period of time he revealed to me the power of a Hurricane as well as fast moving water in a river or stream. If you think about how the waves of a Hurricane flow you will realize that they are powerful, steadily flowing and there is no lull or stop to them.

corey_battling ropes_2As I studied the flow of water I realized that I could duplicate this flowing motion with long ropes. I started to play around creating waves with ropes as I moved my arms and body in different positions. I learned that I could create one big long wave with the ropes which looked like the wave of a hurricane or, I could create a series of quick short waves that looked like a fast moving river. As I continued playing and experimenting with the ropes I realized that my physical and mental endurance was vastly improving as I could sustain longer and longer periods of time with the ropes. I also found out that the training was very cardiovascular and also required a lot of muscular endurance.

rope pullAfter using the ropes for awhile I realized that my endurance in everything was much better. Even things I had not done for years was much easier when I went back to them. I was able to sustain better physically but my mental endurance and focus was much better as the ropes force you to stay on task. As I continued developing the system I learned that I was not getting fatigued near as quickly as I normally would and my lactic acid threshold was greatly increasing. I actually experimented and developed the Battling Ropes system for slightly over a year before I showed anyone else.

As a trainee on the Battling Ropes system you will learn and develop the ability to sustain velocity over time. Velocity is the combination of speed and strength so you will become stronger and faster if you follow the system. You will also be able to train or compete at a higher level of intensity due to the training concepts you will learn. The system can be used as a stand alone system or be implemented into other training methods. As a coach or trainer you will find that the Battling Ropes is very safe, it produces great results and it has an easy learning curve.


The system has different concepts which are velocity, strength endurance, push/pull strength, the power phase as well as partner and team training methods. You will learn how to train yourself, clients, groups, teams and units in a safe, fun, productive manner. You will also see that the Battling Ropes can be implemented by all ages and fitness levels. Last but not least the Battling Ropes can never be mastered and you can and will continue to learn and challenge yourself to sustain physically and mentally. The Battling Ropes is the only training method that forces the user to sustain velocity and strength endurance overtime. This course will truly help you climb to a higher level in your own fitness level or sport as well as your clients or teams level!!

What do Top Coaches Have to Say about The Battling Ropes System?

testimonial gray cookJohn Brookfield can't count...
And that makes him one smart coach. John's primary focus is work capacity, task management, and technical efficiency. He uses fundamental patterns and simple equipment to create loads. Sets and reps don't really apply to the exercise equation. Persistence, patience, and safety are hallmarks of John's work. Don't just watch - do what John does. You will learn from both ends - his coaching and your movement experience.
Gray Cook, MSPT, CSCS
Creator and Developer, The Functional Movement Screen, FMS

Knowing John Brookfield has been a blessing for me. His 'old fashioned gentleman' demeanor is contrasted with his physical prowess and manual strength demonstrated in his 'strongman' performances. He understands how to build manual strength and has been a leader in novel approaches such as his Battling Ropes techniques. John has some valuable lessons to teach all those interested in strength.
Stuart McGill, PhD
Professor of Spine Biomechanics

testimonial kenblackburnprofile-226x300Very impressed! John’s Battling Ropes system is effective, safe, results-driven and has more depth/sophistication than most realize. Both he and Ingrid [Marcum] are the ideal combination of world-class athlete and teacher – they made the course interesting, fun and challenging (yes, you will work – this is hands-on training). I’ve already integrated the Battling Ropes into the conditioning program for my k-bell sport team and am seeing fantastic results. Great course! Highly recommended!
Ken Blackburn
Director of Operations/Head Instructor, IKFF

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Battling Ropes is SO Much More Than Waves...

Whether you are a coach, competitive athlete, trainer or elite military you will walk away with the best training edge imaginable that will take you, your team or clients past the next level. By learning the Battling Ropes concepts you will walk away with a whole new group of tools for your tool box that can be implemented right away. The Battling Ropes training is demanding, effective, humbling, forgiving and safe all rolled into the same package.

You will learn the principles of true velocity training which is rarely spoke of let alone understood. This velocity training is the most missing link in training and also the most result producing concept that will transfer into your individual battlefield. John Brookfield has researched the velocity concept hands-on for many years now and has developed different methods to produce tremendous results using these methods. He is constantly pushing himself to develop the best methods and also take his own physical and mental prowess to the highest level.

The Online Battling Ropes Certification, You'll Get access to:

  • Exclusive Battling Ropes Research by Dr. Mike Martino
  • 117 Page Battling Ropes Manual
  • The Velocity System Video Tutorials
  • The Push/Pull System Video Tutorials
  • The Pole System Video Tutorials
  • Team Training Concepts Video Tutorials
  • and much more!

Many may say that their is no secret methods in training for better results. However, while there may be no secrets, there are methods that have never been seen or understood before. John has created and developed methods that until now were unknown to athletes, trainers or coaches. Just like someone stepping into the ocean. You do not know whats there until you step into the water. These methods are there and do exist and can be learned and transferred into your sport or battlefield. This is perfect for coaches, personal trainers, boot camp instructors and just about anyone that is looking to gain an edge on the competition.

Here's what other coaches have to say...

testimonial Louie1John Brookfield's Battling Ropes are a unique way to train yourself or your athletes for the up most conditioning for all sports. Football, baseball, MMA, it does not matter. Besides being a great conditioner, it will build a death grip. It's not just for rehab, but more importantly for prehab. I have a shoulder socket replacement and my range of motion has increased greatly. The ropes can be a serious training partner for sore shoulders or to push your cardio and muscular endurance. The DVDs that John presents are amazing. If you train alone or with training partners I highly recommend Battling Ropes to be a part of your workouts.
Louie Simmons
Owner, Worlds Strongest Gym, Westside Barbell

testimonial jonspsqI came in thinking I knew all the basics of the Battling Ropes having used them for over 2 years and what John showed me blew my mind! It was great! I was really happy to see all the other ways of using your Battling Ropes and look forward to learning more great drills. The simple effectiveness of the Battling Ropes is amazing and the manner that you showed the drills made it easy for all to implement into their training regimes. I know we have already added many of the drills to our workouts and have only had 110% positive feedback...they all were cussing during the workout! Ha, ha! The quick hands drill is awesome! I highly recommend John's Battling Ropes training as it is simple, extremely effective and will greatly improve strength, power and endurance like crazy!
Jon Hinds
Owner & Founder, Monkey Bar Gymnasium
Former NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach

testimonial zachJohn Brookfield's Battling Ropes are quickly becoming one of my favorite tools for developing power and endurance in every inch of the body as well as an amazing conditioning tool. We have only just begun to tap into the endless potential of the ropes and all our athletes are feeling the powerful effects immediately. This is a must-have tool for athletes; I have seriously never felt anything like this from any other training implement.
Zach Even-Esh
Underground Strength Coach
Crossfit Underground

testimonial markdlarnold_lgJohn Brookfield's one-mile endurance truck pulls are a great feat of strength and strength endurance. They require great conditioning and great mental toughness. John has developed a tremendous degree of both.
Mark Philippi
Seven-time World's Strongest Man competitor
America's Strongest Man winner, 1977
Owner, Philippi Sports Institute

ropes on wall

Benefits of Battling Ropes Training Include:

  • Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Increased power and strength
  • Increased power and strength for longer durations
  • Increased motivation and mental endurance
  • Increased performance in all aspects of your life

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testimonial stevemaxwell3John Brookfield is one of the most innovative and original strength coaches in the business today. His new Battling Ropes system is an amazing approach to total fitness. The ropes are a whole body exercise approach that would benefit any athlete. I am now incorporating his techniques in my arsenal of moves for all my jiu jitsu fighters and submission wrestlers. The combination of strength, stamina, and cardio needed to get those ropes moving puts the finishing touch on my fighter's workouts.
Steve Maxwell
Two-Time Brazillian Jiu Jitsu World Champion
Owner, Maxercise Sports/Fitness Training Center

testimonial iivanovThanks, John, for coming to the Olympic Center to teach our wrestlers your Battling Ropes system. It was great to get all the instruction directly from you, the creator of the system. I strongly believe that your Battling Ropes system will benefit our wrestlers in a great way. All of the wrestlers quickly saw how the training will help them go to the next level.
Ivan Ivanov
Head Greco Roman wrestling coach, Olympic training center
Silver Medalist 1994 world championships
Six-time Bulgarian national champion

testimonial steveI have to say that the Battling Ropes system is unique and awesome! Only someone like John Brookfield who has spent his whole life experiencing and learning new ways to enhance the athlete's performance could have figured it out! I feel your Battling Ropes system trains the body to maintain power better than anything else imaginable! Thank you again for yet another great contribution to the strength and conditioning world.
Steve Cotter
Strength Coach
U.S. Full Contact Kung Fu Champion

testimonial PP1I have known some very strong guys. However, John is one of those super rare guys who is not simply among the strongest in the world, but is truly head-and-shoulders above the rest of us. His specialty feats of strength are inconceivable in their scope and difficulty. All of his otherworldly power comes from his limitless faith and unending innovativeness and creativity. When it comes to developing strength, John smashes through all barriers. He knows no boundaries. Over his lifetime, he has developed thousands of simple and effective exercises and concepts. These home-grown approaches are available to everyone through his books, DVDs and seminars. His approach is simple, easy to understand, field-tested and proven. John Brookfield is a great hero, inspiration and friend to me and many of my other super strong friends. 

Philip Pfister
2006 World's Strongest Man Champion

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Frequently asked questions:

Battling Ropes training system different from other training systems?
The Battling Ropes system is unlike any other training methods due to the non-momentum effect. For example, with other methods such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, gravity takes over as the weight goes back towards the ground. During this time when gravity takes over, momentum is used which gives the body and mind a chance to relax. With the Battling Ropes training velocity is used and must be maintained throught the training. This forces the user to train or compete at a higher level of intensity which will last longer durations of time.

How was the system created?
The system was created by John Brookfield who was using and developing the system for his own needs. John basically created the foundation of the Battling Ropes from the concept of a hurricane where the constant flow of the waves gave him the idea to create a series of waves with the ropes.

Why do you use 50-foot ropes?
Much research was used to come up with the 50-foot rope as the standard rope for the velocity training. The 50-foot rope allows someone to progress properly through the system and continue to get results. Also, we start younger athletes on the standard 50-foot ropes due to the visual motivation factor. For example, if you have a fourteen-year-old female athlete can't roll the wave or waves all the way to the end, she has visual motivation and can see what the goal is. After a few workouts she can see her waves getting stronger and going farther. This, of course, is very motivating and forces her to work harder.

What are the 100 foot ropes used for?
The 100-foot ropes are used for the Pole system, which is the strength endurance phase of the system.

What is the difference between the Poly ropes and Manilla ropes?
The poly ropes are a non-shed synthetic rope which are water resistant and made for long life and durability. They do not shed fibers and are perfect for inside use where you don't want the shedding. The traditional Manilla ropes are like the ones people used to climb in gym class. They are durable, however, do not last as long as the poly ropes. They do shed some fibers at times and are good for outside training or training in a garage or basement.

How long should it take to get results?
You will immediately enjoy and see the tremendous benefits of the training. However, velocity training is a missing link in training and will be challenging. With some steady work and determination, your body will start to adjust to the velocity training and you will see results that will transfer into your sport or personal battlefield.

Are there different concepts to the training system?
Yes, there are actually seven different elements and concepts to the Battling Ropes system. The first concept is maintaining velocity which is the sustaining of the waves with the ropes. The second concept is the strength endurance phase which is the Pole System training. The other five methods have not been released yet.

Is there a way to learn the Battling Ropes at a LIVE workshop and get certified?
Yes, John is conducting certifications on an ongoing basis. The live certifications are done in a small group or privately. By doing small groups or individual certifications John is able to train the person properly and adjust the training to best give the individual the best training to meet their needs. Please refer to the Certification Page for more information on the live certification process.

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