Attention Wrestlers and Coaches: Gain the Edge You Deserve by Embracing a Professional Strength Training Plan this Summer


Unleash Your Inner Champion and Dominate the Mat with Our Exclusive Off-Season Training Program Designed for Wrestlers



Let’s be honest…the majority of wrestlers disappear after the season is over.

BUT if you want to excel and see just how good you can become, then training during the off season is a must.

To make any sort of significant progress, an athlete needs to commit to working out on a regular basis. Whether you’re developing strength or improving conditioning, you need to develop a consistent habit of training.

We’ll show you exactly what you need to do…

Inside This Program You’ll Get:

  • Customized Conditioning Plan for Your Ability Level
  • Get Stronger w/ Our Easy to Follow Strength Plan
  • Specific Advice for All Different Weight Classes
  • A Weekly Plan of Attack, that Includes Strength and Conditioning Workouts
  • Tips for Developing Explosive Power and Maximal Strength,
  • Solidify your Weak Links with High quality Trunk and Neck Exercises

Skip the Fluff…

The internet is full of people giving random advice about training wrestlers… but the truth is,  you need a well rounded plan of attack that develops all of the necessary components.

Wrestlers need to be strong, powerful and well conditioned

Organizing these workouts and performing them at the right time is essential.

While most wrestlers are relaxing during summer break, you’ll be reinventing yourself, becoming stronger and more powerful.


Here’s what wrestlers are saying about this off season training plan:

I am from Lynnwood, Washington, and am currently a student-athlete at SFU. I compete for the Men’s Wrestling Team, which is part of the NCAA Division II. I consider wrestling my job, and everything else (side jobs, manual labor) is just a means to support my athlete lifestyle. I started wrestling in 8th grade, and ever since then I have committed myself to wrestling year round and being the best.

I have faced knee and neck injuries, which have definitely presented obstacles in my training and competition. If you wrestle long enough, you are bound to face these type of injuries. It’s how you deal with them, that makes the difference.

I started being advised by Coach Bott during the Summer of 2016 (This last summer). Coach Bott has provided me with a numerous resources for strength and conditioning, which I have utilized to become stronger than ever before. Coach Bott takes a student-like, science-oriented approach to coaching and research, meaning that she scours over literature and studies in order to provide the most effective and logical forms of training for her athletes.

I used to train almost like a body builder for wrestling, and while my wrestling skills kept increasing, my strength levels did not increase as much as I wanted them to. After being advised by Carmen Bott, I was able to focus on weight training that is more appropriate for combat sports. My strength has definitely increased after taking her coaching into account.

Morgan Smith

I’m on the USA national team in wrestling at both 60 & 63kgs. I’m also a varsity athlete at SFU – 2x college national champion at 143lbs, finishing my 5th year of university.

The #1 result since training with coach Bott is that I no longer get tired in my matches, or fear running out of gas in a match. I know my conditioning and strength is superior than other athletes I’m competing against and this gives me an edge on competition. When I lose a match, I know its technical or strategic because it is now never strength or fitness related.

An additional benefit since working with Coach Bott is injury prevention. She has been training me for nearly 2 years and I haven’t had any major injuries. Minor injuries rarely persist longer than a week. She does a phenomenal job tailoring our programs to prevent injury and identify areas of vulnerability.

In my past, we’d lift 3 times per week approximately 2 hours per session. With Coach Bott, we lift twice per week for approximately 1.5 hours per week, and 1 hour of conditioning on Saturday. Even though I am not lifting as frequently with coach Bott, my strength has increased and far surpassed what I was plateaued at before.Previous workouts also created a lot of muscular soreness and fatigue that made it difficult to engage fully in wrestling practices and compromised my wrestling training. Coach Bott’s programming rarely, if ever, affects me during a wrestling practice the way my previous programs did.

I would recommend any athlete who is serious about consistency and performing at a high level to train with Coach Bott. Regardless of sport, Coach Bott can write programming for any athlete of any sport. However, training with Coach Bott is only effective when doing the work and following the programming. If an athlete is ready to take the steps to going from mediocre or average, to exceptional and elite, Coach Bott is my recommendation.

Mallory Velte

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