Warm Up Drills and Exercises for MMA, BJJ, Wrestling and Other Workouts

Warming up isn't the most exciting part of our workouts, but is essential if you want to stay healthy and perform at the highest levels.

The main purpose of warming up is to avoid injury.

With the amount of guys pulling out of fights because of injury, this is the perfect place to start.

Below you will find a variety of different warm ups drills.  Try em out, continue learning and apply to the beginning of your workouts.  Hopefully you will notice an improved performance in your workouts and reduced incidence of injury with your team.

Warming Up for BJJ

Upper Body Warm Up Routine

3 Minute Shoulder Warm Up

Indian Club Joint Mobility Warm Up

Dynamic Strength Workout Warm Up

Full Body Warm Up Routine

Dynamic Stretch Warm Up Routine

EliteFTS Band Warm-Up