Tune Up Exercises and Guidelines for Healthy Hips

Its all in the hips...

Healthy hips are a vital piece of the puzzle for any combat athlete.

Stiff, weak, jacked up hips can cause knee issues, back pain and more.

These drills can be primary exercises, used during warm ups or as active recovery between other working sets.

Intensity should be relatively low, reps about 15-30 reps for 2-3 sets if you are using this as part of the Tune Up recovery program.

Below are a variety of mobility and stability drills to improve the health of your hips.

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Sample Mobility Series

Mini Band Series


Lacrosse Ball in the Glute

Larger Foam Ball in the Groin

Foam Ball in the Hip Flexor

More Mobility Drills for the Hips

Squat and Hinge

Split Stance Double Ham Stretch

Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Frog Stretch

Pigeon n Reach

90/90 Torso Rotations

Seated Internal Rotation

Lying Internal Rotation

Squat and 1 Arm Overhead Reach

Squat and Rotational Reach

Squat and Overhead Reach

Lunge and Overhead Reach

Lunge and Rotational Reach

Back Step and Twist

Step and Twist

Pivot and Twist

Pivot Step and Twist

Activation Drills

Glute Bridge 1

Glute Bridge 2

Glute Bridge 3

Glute Bridge 4

Glute Bridge 5

Elevated Glute Bridge

SL Elevated Glute Bridge

Physioball Curls

Physioball Curls (knees out)

Physioball extend and reach

Physioball Extend and Rotate

Lunge Series

Bodyweight Drop Step Lunge

Bodyweight Fwd Step Lunge

Bodyweight Lateral Lunge

Bodyweight Back Angle Lunge

Bodyweight Curtsy Lunge