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Fight Camp Nutrition was developed for fighters and grapplers and is the perfect compliment to our Submission Strength Program.  Nobody likes to talk about what they eat, but if you want to lookk good and compete at the highest levels, getting your eating on track is essential. This nutrition program has everything you need to drop bodyfat, build muscle, speed recovery and boost performance.

Right now, there is a massive gap between the nutritional strategies and knowledge within BJJ in comparison to other professional sports. BJJ needs deeply rooted science based strategies and protocols to work with to have the athletes perform, recover, and change their body’s at a higher level.

Martial arts currently has a lot of quacks in it that make claims on nutrition that border on the obscene…Dan Garner aims to change that.

Why you should listen to Dan?

A few months back, one of our top contributors introduced us to Dan and we instantly hit it off.

We’ve met a lot of nutrition coaches, but Dan had a rare combination of education, experience and systems that work.

Dan is the owner and founder of Team Garner and is the head strength coach and nutrition specialist. Specializing and delivering consistent world class results in physique transformation and athletic performance, Dan has worked with many athletes from the youth leagues right up to the NHL, NFL, MLB and UFC. He is an international lecturer on sports nutrition and has been featured in several major media outlets. In addition to his coaching services, he has created many online products available for purchase and is a bestselling author on Amazon.

Learn more about Dan here:

  • Head trainer, nutrition specialist and founder of Team Garner
  • Lab analyst and nutritional programming supervisor at New Wave Fitness
  • Nutritional consultant for professional athletes across the NFL, CFL, MLB, NHL, AHL, and UFC
  • Expert contributor to online podcasts + blogs
  • expert contributor and content provider
  • International nutritional and strength training educational lecturer
  • Alan Aragon’s Research Review article contributor
  • #1 best selling Amazon book author
  • Mentored by some of the top strength coaches and nutrition specialists in the industry
  • Hold 8 of the top certifications in training and nutrition

  • Nutrition + Training specialist for physique transformation and athletic performance
  • 1000+ personal coaching clientele experience
  • Honors graduate with diploma in Health, Wellness and Fitness
  • Honors graduate of the Functional Medicine University
  • Black belt in Tae Kwon Do

FACT: Many people are quick to give advice, but very few are qualified.

Dan has the education and experience working with top athletes around the globe.

The best part is, that he has packaged up his systems and strategies, so you can finally get your eating on track.

What Makes This Program Different?

Fight Camp Nutrition is deeply rooted within the scientific principles of sports nutrition.

Meaning, this program is legit.

No opinions or hype here…this program offers scientifically proven tactics and strategies used by some of the best athletes on the planet.

Dan is coming from the outside in, bringing his experience with athletes in the NFL, NHL, and MLB who all currently have the highest standards for nutritional coaching. Dan is bringing those same standards to the combat sports world.

  • Get on the right track to get results FAST
  • Learn realistic goal setting strategies
  • Detailed tactics for customizing your eating habits
  • Proven strategies that you can live with long term
  • Daily breakdowns of what to do, when and how
  • This is a complete nutrition system for any athlete or coach

Fight Camp Nutrition provides both answers and strategies from a nutritional perspective to perform, build muscle, and burn fat. Many people spend years in the gym and never get the results they are seeking, this is almost always as a result of poor nutritional programming and not knowing where to look when things begin to plateau.

Inside Fight Camp Nutrition, You’ll Get Access to:

Fast Track Module:

  • 3 golden rules to getting started
  • Goal setting
  • The importance of nutrition

Fundamentals of Combat Nutrition:

  • A combat sports guide to dining out
  • Hierarchy of combat sports nutrition
  • The 5 principals of combat sports nutrition
  • Preferred food list

Meal Planning Application:

  • Designing meal plans for combat sports
  • Troubleshooting / FAQ
  • Turning up your testosterone
  • Supplement guide and combat sports specific protocols
  • Printable meal plans, specific to your goals


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