Short Notice Preparation for BJJ Tournaments

Short Notice Preparation for BJJ Tournaments

If you’ve been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a while, you’ve probably done a couple tournaments spur the moment. We’re going to help you optimize your performance 4 weeks out of competition day, and look at a couple mistakes that are often seen during this prep time.


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Last Minute Prep for BJJ Competition

First and foremost, this is not for the novice practitioner. This is for someone who’s in shape, has been training on and off the mat, and is ready for it. Ideal training protocol tells up to follow at least 9 weeks of programming, but we’re going to skip the first portion of that 9 weeks, and attack the latter portion of it.

Our program for the 4 weeks leading up to the tournament will fall under the power category; we will focus mainly on force production through lifting heavier and utilizing plyometrics. The reason behind this is that we want our central nervous system, our brain, to be accustomed to moving things that are heavier than normal, and to produce force greater than normal. Essentially, we are going to overreach for several weeks, and taper the week of the competition.

A critical portion of these 4 weeks is our recovery.

The quality of your training on and off the mat is going to be dictated by how well you recover. We encourage practitioners to supplement throughout this time to aid in recovery. Pre-workout supplements are proven to aid training focus and reduce fatigue during workout, they should be taken under moderation. Intra-workout supplements are the start of your recovery process. You cannot go wrong with Branch Chain Amino Acid’s and Electrolytes, they are a staple in anything to with performance. For Post-workout, arguably the most important part of supplements, we heavily encourage you to look into a Fast Digesting Carb and Protein. The Fast Digesting Carb will replenish much of the glycogen, ( fuel/energy) lost in the previous training session, we like Vitargo. For Protein, you want something that will digest fast and slow, but in comparison to the Fast Digesting Carb, it is going to be digested much slower. These two components can even be used a meal replacement if there’s a weight class that we have to be in.

The last part of the prep will be the Competition Day. We’re going avoid doing static stretching, which lengthens muscle fibers, deactivates them, which leads them to be one of the worst things you can do right before competing. The utilization of a Dynamic Warm Up is the right route to follow, which consists of A-skips, B-skips, Knees to Feet, Sit-outs, things along those lines. This allows the brain to be ready to produce explosive force without a delay.

We take this one step further by using Post Activation Potentiation, or PAP for short. When we PAP, we do a Hex Bar Deadlift at roughly 90%, (ex. 350lbs) for 10 reps with as much rest necessary in between reps. We do this as close to comp time as possible, because this allows our brain to make the connection, that once we put our hands on something to grab onto, we grab onto with the force of 350lbs. We prime our mind and body, which gives us drastic physical advantage.