Recommended Products – Gym Equipment, Gear, Books, Workouts and More!

Recommended Products – Gym Equipment, Gear, Books, Workouts and More!

People constantly are asking about what to eat, supplements to take, where to get equipment and for other quality resources to help them get in shape, stay in shape and perform at their best.

WORKOUTS  – These are some of the latest and greatest workouts, educational resources and other stuff that will help you, your team and/or your clients get an unfair advantage over the competition. Click here to View

TRAINING EQUIPMENT – These are the tools and equipment that we use everyday in our workouts.  Quality gym equipment that has been tested by our coaches, our athletes and has survived the test of time.  Great stuff to outfit your gym, your garage or your gym bag. Click here to View

GRIP GEAR – As you all know, having a strong powerful grip is a HUGE advantage over your competition.  Because our hands are so complex, they are capable of being challenged in many different ways.  Here are some of our favorite grip tools that we’ve gathered over the years. Click here to View

NUTRITION PRODUCTS – Food is fuel and essential for anyone wanting to reach the highest levels of their sport.  You have to get this part right, if you want to perform, recover and survive over the years.  Here’s a bunch of products and other resources that keep us energetic, strong and healthy during tough camps. Click here to View

RECOVERY PRODUCTS – Training is tough.  During tough weeks, our bodies get beat up, torn down and worn out.  Having a good plan for recover can be just as important as your workouts.  We have found the tools listed really help keep our bodies moving and healthy.  An essential component for any combat athlete or team.  These things are life savers! Click here to View