Pushing Exercises

Below are a variety of pressing exercises.  We've broken them down into two groups; horizontal and vertical.

They are also organized into progressions, or how I would progress an athlete through the exercises.  Basically simple to complex.

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Horizontal Press

Push Up Plank

Push Up Plank, Knees In

Push Up Plank w/ SL Raise

Push Up Plank w/ Shoulder Touches

Push Up Plank w/ Rotational Reaches

Push Up

Staggered Push Ups

Elevated Push Ups

Explosive Push Ups

Explosive Stag Push Ups

Vertical Press

Down Dog Hold

Single Arm Down Dog Hold

Handstand Holds

Handstand Shoulder Touches

Handstand Lateral Walks

Handstand Wall Walks

Half Kneeling Landmine Press

Single Arm Overhead Press (strict)

Double KB Jerk