Pulling Exercises

Below are a series of pulling exercises that you can use in your workouts.  Notice the small variations and changes throughout.  These changes can allow us to challenge our athletes in new ways and systematically increase the intensity without going too far, to quickly.

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Horizontal Pulls

Bodyweight Bar Row

Single Arm Suspension Row

Single Arm Supported Row

Square Stance Cable Row

Bent Over Row

Half Kneeling SA Cable Row

Staggered Stance Cable Row

Split Stance Row (no support)

Vertical Pulls

Pull Ups

Weighted Pull Ups

Explosive Pull Ups

Rope Pull Ups

Rope Climb

Other Types of Pulls

Sandbag Cross Body Drag

Fwd Crawl w/ Sandbag Drag

Bck Crawl w/ Sandbag Drag

Lateral Crawl w/ Sandbag Drag